Now This is How Noah Debates Should be Done

Now This is How Noah Debates Should be Done April 3, 2014

John C. Wright, half of the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society, went to see Noah on the strength of Steve Greydanus’ recommendation.

He hated it.  And being the gifted scribe he is, he held forth in his characteristically gifted way, railing against the film and sending bootless cries of anguish to the brass heavens about this tragic lapse in Greydanus’ taste.  All good, clean fun.

Now Steve has replied in his comboxes and I may have to take the plunge and read the whole thing.

Y’see, I’ve been avoiding reading it because (grrrr) I still haven’t found time to see the movie yet and I don’t want a bunch of spoilers (I’ve already basically got the gist of a lot of the spoilers, which drives me crazy).

Anyway, a Wright/Greydanus argument (and I use that word very carefully because these guys argue, not quarrell) will be a pleasure.

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