I may have a winner in the Kombox Krazy Sweepstakes

I may have a winner in the Kombox Krazy Sweepstakes May 13, 2014

Last week, I wrote a post saying that the bizarre and hysterical opposition to the slightest suggestions of change–such as “Smart gun research seems like a good idea”–from American gun culture does make that culture look, well, insane, and sends the very clear message that 30,000 corpses is acceptable losses. I say this, not as a “Kommie” (as I was colorfully discerned to be by some not-at-all-crazy respondents). Nor even particularly as a “gun grabber”. I say it as a Catholic prolifer who thinks that human life is sacred not only when it is unborn and useful as a way for getting prolife votes for GOP candidates pretending to care about abortion, but even after it has been born and lives in the inner city.

Much bustle and hysteria ensued. There were a number of reasonable responses but also quite a bit prose from people bound and determined to prove me not merely right, but even understated in my diagnosis. Things finally reached a head in the form of a particularly vociferous reader, who spent most of last week breathing out threats and slaughter at my suggestion that exploring smart gun tech seemed reasonable, who finally concluded (since I banned him immediately after) with this:

No Trayvon Martin and that other one who was shot in Jacksonville is how “virile” young black men will be dealt with if they get too violent outside of their own criminal sub groups; that is after they dismount themselves from between your legs. As for women and fags eventually they’ll fall in line and go back into their closet and the kitchen. Just gonna take a little time.

Special Evangelism Bonus Points: He was arguing with an atheist woman who was, as you might guess, very impressed with this bulletin from deep within the id of a Real Murkan Christian who is not at all crazy or anything.

Note to this reader: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” – Romans 2:24

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