Reparation for the Sacrilege and Blasphemy at Harvard

Reparation for the Sacrilege and Blasphemy at Harvard May 12, 2014

Fr. Rob Johansen writes:

No doubt you have heard about the “Black Mass” scheduled to take place at Harvard today. This is, of course, a blasphemy and affront to all Catholics.

Thomas More College in New Hampshire is taking action to respond to this sacrilege. They are offering three days of prayer and reparation for the Harvard Black Mass.

It would be very helpful and welcome if you could mention this at CAEI.

In related news, President (I am not making this up) Faust of Harvard writes to condemn this ugly bigotry.

I’m particularly amused by the complaint from the passive-aggressives putting on this cowardly act of blasphemy and Catholic hatred (who last week were demanding that everybody like them and believe their song and dance about “respect for all religions) that the Catholics who are the butt of this insult are “intolerant” for doubling over after being kicked in the groin.

Our marching orders, of course, come from Jesus: turn the other cheek. Pray for those who despitefully use you. So: Father, bless these poor souls whose idea of a good time is to spit at your Son who died for them and to bravely insult people who will not retaliate. They need your mercy desperately. Give it to them and pour out your love on them through Christ our Lord.

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