Gall, Chutzpah, Nerve, Arrogance, Folly and Pride

Gall, Chutzpah, Nerve, Arrogance, Folly and Pride June 18, 2014

Cheney:  Obama “so wrong about so much”

For instance, his failure to prosecute Dick “Other Priorities” Cheney for war crimes.

File under: Arsonist offers critical remarks on fire department.

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  • jaybird1951

    I knew those comments by Cheney and daughter would bring out the Bush/Cheney haters but am disappointed to see you among them. He was not guilty of war crimes. Bad advice, perhaps, but not criminal. That is the kind of silly talk one expects from the campus left.

    • chezami

      Sure he was. He helped to order an unjust war, told lies to do it, and he authorized the use of torture. And now he has the temerity to lecture on being wrong.

      • Doug Sirman

        Mark, Mark, sweetie, calm down. Just remember, “it was the best intelligence of the time.” Oh, and it turns out, contrary to the amchurch’s oft-repeated lie regarding science, it actually WAS the best intelligence of the time. Y’know, as evidenced by all those big muckety-mucks from earlier administrations and other countries saying the same thing since Gulf War I. Maybe charity and forbearance would be easier for us all if we imagined them wearing white robes and carrying crosiers or something.

        • Marthe Lépine

          It simply does not matter whether the intelligence was good or bad or the best possible: It was used to promote a preventive war on foreign soil, e.g. a definitely unjust war. Any Catholic should at least give some serious thought to what 2 Popes clearly said at the time, and what our present Pope Francis still says about war.

        • wineinthewater

          It was not the best intelligence of the time. Some of it was discredited using Google. If the best intelligence we can muster does not involve checking whether certain people who signed certain documents were even alive or in power at the time, our best is pretty terrible.

  • Elmwood

    Cheney the war criminal who never served in the military–big surprise–doubles down on stupid.

    Amazing the effectiveness of the brainwashing in our country that has herded people into two “teams” left and right, preventing these useful idiots from thinking critically on any issue, but instead like sheep, follow their team’s platform through emotion and fear.

    this is why i’m happy we are homeschooling where critical thought and creativity are encouraged–no pep rallies or cheerleading or football.

    • Dave G.

      Except for the football part true about homeschooling and stepping away from the noise.

  • I thought Rod Dreher’s post on this was quite fine.

  • Marthe Lépine

    One thing I found particularly strange and stupid in Mr. Cheney’s rant was that he totally ignored the deadly opposition between two branches of the Muslim faith, Shia and Sunni (if I have the spelling right), that has nothing to do with hate against the US. The US has no business getting involved in such a religious war, and certainly has no business trying to police the entire world, or trying to impose – at the point of a gun – its own ideas of democracy and freedom. Not to mention trying to impose its views on economics on the rest of the world.

  • Peggy

    So, all this means that it is okay that Obama has abandoned these people b/c W et al should not have entered in the first place? As a POTUS successor, he has a moral obligation to ensure that our eventual departure leaves a strong nation able to take on radicals.

    My alternative position is that the US should wash itself of the Arab/Muslim world. This includes prohibiting immigration or any entry to the US by non-citizens who are Muslim. All such non-citizens currently in the US should be expelled. Any AMerican who engages with the middle east does so at his own risk.

    • Peggy

      Oh, and W warned about this as well. He took responsibility for his decisions. He continues to give attention to the military men he sent in harm’s way.

      I am not a big Cheney fan. I am not totally on board with all he says. The idea that we must show strength and resolve does not have to translate to actual war. It’s enough if the other nations know we will defend our interests when needed. Then they back off. O doesn’t want to project such a strength. Now the world’s gone to hell.

  • tz1

    Has the statute of limitations expired, or can 2 wrongs make a right even now.

    With Anglicans, two wrongs made a rite.