EWTN Denied Exemption from HHS Mandate

EWTN Denied Exemption from HHS Mandate June 18, 2014

Because a non-profit run by nuns and monks is not religious enough.

And, of course, the Church needs to be punished by Those of Name.


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  • Thomas Sharpe

    Well the State now does define when life begins, when it ends, what marriage is.
    Is it surprising that the State would now decide what is religion and what is not?

    • Catholic Fast Food Worker

      If 90 percent of all American Catholics overwhelmed the White House & Congress with phone calls & emails about the HHS mandate & funding for Planned Parenthood, they would have no option but to hear us & we’d see results. Unfortunately we Catholics in the USA are too infected with indifference & lukewarms.

      • Thomas Sharpe

        Yes, but most American Catholics have fallen for the idea that they can be Catholic (adjective) Americans (noun, basis of the creed.)
        And with the top 5% $$ of Catholics going to “Catholic” high schools where they receive a watered down faith and a contraceptive mindset (life is not worth living if you can’t afford 12K for HS per year and 50K per year college).. and the other 95% of Catholic children only receiving an 8th! Grade! education in the faith…. I don’t see a way out of this mess short term.

        And I didn’t even mention Clergy who are “afraid” to preach! in homilies!

  • Dean

    They start with “Seperation of church and state” as the only true Holy Writ.
    Then discover that the State is all and all is the State.

  • haroldcrews

    You can’t be a Christian and an American. It’s time for all Christians in the South to embrace Southern nationalism and reject the Americanism heresy.

    • Matt Talbot

      It’s time for all Christians in the South to embrace Southern nationalism

      Well, the last iteration of “Southern Nationalism” was in defense of their preference for holding slaves. Plus, the Yankees now have nuclear weapons. You need to rethink this.

      • kirthigdon

        “Whatcha gonna do now, Leander? The feds have got the atom bomb!” – Maverick Louisiana Governor Earl Long to ultra-segregationist Leander Perez.
        Kirt Higdon

    • Catholic Fast Food Worker

      No I think we Catholics (families & religious alike) in the USA should from more intentional communities outside cities where we can be a shining light upon a hill, following a model like that similar to that described in St Augustine’s City of God & the Benedictine models of civilization. Not all faithful Catholics should do this, we’ll need some to stay behind in the secularized cities to continue witnessing to Christ, but more intentional semi-self-sustaining Catholic communities outside cities should be built. (Like the Pilgrims & Puritans attempted but without the puritanical nonsense & Protestantism.) No, We don’t need to associate with historical movements that supported civil warfare & human slavery like “Southern Nationalism”.

  • Dave G.

    I think of the Redskins story above, and can’t help but think there’s a trend here.

  • tz1

    Except that Nuns and Monks are no longer running it. I’m not sure of the proportion, but the shows, producers, guests, etc. are rarely religious under the traditional vows. I don’t watch or listen much, but as an example, Theresa Tomeo has a women’s show and “Crossing the Goal” is a men’s show, but I don’t remember any Nuns or Monks. Perhaps if I audit the credits?

    Not that I think Obamacare – which the Bishops supported since they wanted “Caesar” to do their job – is proper, but before breaking down a wall of separation, one ought to think about what it keeps out.

    • chezami

      It’s the job of bishops to provide health care? Who knew?

    • Catholic Fast Food Worker

      Please look at the credits at the end of the EWTN tv shows. The names of many religious brothers/sisters from Mother Angelica’s Franciscan order will be shown in the credits running things like lighting, music, editing, sets, etc. Besides those, many priests (Frs. Pacwa- Jesuit, Triglio, O’Connor, Women of Grace one, Leo Clifford, Life on the Rock, ) have their own shows, are co-hosts, or are official show chaplains. In addition to the aired daily Masses & prayer services. Also, the lay Catholics running EWTN & being their own hosts are FAITHFUL Catholics. Should religious freedom just be limited to those who are under holy orders & consecrated vows? This right of free religious expression belongs to all Lay faithful as well. I stand with EWTN 110-percent! I don’t want the government trampling on my religion.

      • Catholic Fast Food Worker

        And that Domican priest with glasses that has his own shows too. And I forgot the Deacons (like Dcn. Burke-Sivers from Oregon, Deacon Bill Steltemeier RIP who was a big chief EWTN officer, Deacon Alex Jones,). Deacons are also part of the Clergy who serve & work for EWTN. Yeah, I’m pretty sure EWTN & its mission is unmistakably religious in its legal contracts, nature & definitions (which should have automatically exempted them from that dumb Obama mandate from the get-go, but as usual liberal secularist activist judges largely run the show). The Constitution means next to nothing to our modern judges, sadly

  • Elmwood

    at least the employees at EWTN would probably never use contraceptives or abortafacients, unlike employees at catholic universities or hospitals.