Prayers for my wife, Janet

Prayers for my wife, Janet June 28, 2014

She has injured her back (not clear how) and been in *excruciating* pain for the last day.  We spent all morning at ER.  Currently she’s on pain killers and muscle relaxants and has blessedly fallen asleep, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in this much pain even in labor.

Please pray for her!  Thank you!

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  • Sherry


  • sez

    I highly recommend seeing a good physical therapist.
    Sympathy & prayers!!

  • Sally Wilkins

    Praying, of course. Back pain is a drag (all pain is a drag, but back pain is high on the “awfulness” list.

  • Melissa G.

    Praying! I hope they checked for kidney stones. That was the worst back pain of my life.

  • Alexandra

    Our prayers go out to you.

  • Matt Talbot

    Praying, Mark.

  • HornOrSilk

    Kyrie Eleison

  • I know from experience how terrible back pain is. Praying for both of you.

  • Mary B

    Praying and praying some more!

  • S. Murphy


  • Eve Fisher

    Prayers. If it’s muscles cramping in her back, try a hot bath followed by a self-massage with a tennis ball (ball between the back and the wall, and roll it up and down) and then get her to a therapeutic massage place ASAP. If it’s apparently somewhere in the spine, get her to a chiropractor as soon as the doors open. I’ve had both happen, and these really do work.

  • Dan Berger

    Praying. Back pain is a trial, even if it’s just a nagging ache. This sounds horrible.

  • Becky


  • TheConductor

    Prayers at Mass this morning.

  • petey

    i’m so sorry mr shea, your wife is in my thoughts.
    can we have a happy update?

  • The Next to Last Samurai

    Mark, the exact same thing happened to me several years ago. After a day of muscle relaxants I was much better; also have her put a heating pad on the worst spot, that’ll help loosen it up. I pray she recovers as quickly as I did.

    • Clare Krishan

      Praying in PA (and can concur, my arthritis of the spine at the L5 vertebrae means sudden immobility if not vigilant about abdominal musculature physio exercises to prevent the disabling pain of boney spurs “sticking it to me” so to speak — and other muscles tense up so the skeleton can’t lie ‘prone’ I sleep on my tummy) Praying for a good physiotherapist and affordable pharmaceutical remedy in the meantime!

  • freddy


  • Hunk Hondo

    Prayers duly disptached. Get well soon, Janet!

  • orual’s kindred

    T__T I am so sorry. Prayers!

  • Barbara

    Mark, I hope she feels better soon.

  • Dave G.

    Prayers that it’s something that will pass soon.

  • James H, London

    God grant her relief, in Jesus’ name. Lord have mercy.

  • Lee Penn

    Prayers for relief and for healing …