There are ways to help the victims in Iraq

There are ways to help the victims in Iraq June 20, 2014

Mercy Corps is one of them.

We who supported the creation of this catastrophe have a special obligation to help the victims of our folly.

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  • Paul Connors

    I suggest that looking at what Mercy Corps actually does around the world would strongly suggest that they are a secular organization wholly into advancing and supporting “Reproductive Health” (and what that is generally a euphemism for). Find somewhere else for your money.

    • chezami

      So you don’t have any actual evidence they support abortion, nor do I, but you are willing to baselessly slander them while they are saving lives and offer no alternative. This is why people like you can’t have nice things.

      • Paul Connors

        In the case of Mercy Corps, a search of its own site shows that it does organize and promote various contraceptive family planning programs in various places around the world (e.g. see here and here and here). Unless Mercy Corps is doing some kind of significant charity work that is not being done by any others (which is not usually the case), there is no proportional reason for supporting them rather than a Catholic charity.

    • sez

      re: Iraqi victims:
      “We also encourage individual Catholics to provide aid for their suffering brothers and sisters through these worthy organizations: The Catholic Near East Welfare Association, Catholic Relief Services and the Pontifical Mission Societies.”

    • sez

      Another worthy group is coming to the aid of Iraqi Christians: Aid to the Church In Need

  • Morris

    This might be a suitable place to plead for an end to the uninformed demonization of libertarianism; one direct result of a more widespread acceptance of libertarian thought (which is, in essence, don’t hurt people or take their stuff) would be far greater resistance to any and all such wars.

    • don’t hurt people or take their stuff

      I don’t think that’s what libertarianism is, in essence. It seems to me that libertarianism is, in essence, the idea that there’s no such thing as society, only a collection of individuals.

      • Morris

        Perhaps you need to read up on libertarianism, then.

      • Jonk

        That would be Objectivism, which is not the same thing. Libertarianism is the political philosophy based on the non-aggression principle, with special emphasis on the fact that putting a government badge on your chest doesn’t make you immune from following that principle.