NOW Hits Bottom, Keeps Digging

NOW Hits Bottom, Keeps Digging July 9, 2014

Dear Patricia Ireland: What you are doing is very very very smart and you should keep doing it.

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  • Doug Sirman

    Tried to watch it. Instead, it was obscured by the non-stop series of video ads to the right which couldn’t be stopped because of the dumbass popup trying to get my email address. PATHEOS SUCKS!!!!!

    • Francisco J Castellanos

      I agree. Those video adds are becoming quite annoying. Almost as annoying as Patricia Ireland.

      • Guest

        And also the “subscribe” ad which always pops up

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        They freeze my comp. about once a day. Drives me nuts.

    • Marthe Lépine

      I agree, but I also have a suggestion. Several months ago, I found an easy way to not have my reading distracted by those video ads. I cut out a piece of a thin foam used for kids’ crafts to the length of my screen and the width of the column on the right where the ads appear. Then I put a dot of “Velcro” near the top of that piece, another one on the screen’s frame or border, and whenever the ads bother me, I just cover them. As far as those stupid pop-ups, I detest them too. I have dealt with them by removing the pre-entered check marks and not putting my e-mail address, but then this other pop-up appears, beginning with “We apologize…” and I cannot get rid of it without being bumped out of the blog I am trying to read, or worse, from the site. They have my name and e-mail address recorded somewhere, since they appear as soon as I type the first letter of the lines when it comes to sending my comment, so, they should know by now that I do not want to receive any material in my e-mail, which is used almost exclusively for my work and communications with my friends. As well, the second pop-up is totally unnecessary and particularly irritating. Plus, it blocks half of the space on the screen where I can read comfortably with m new bi-focal lenses that I am not yet used to. I already sent them an angry e-mail, and later I wrote to Mark; this is really annoying and could lose Patheos a number of readers.

    • Michaelus

      Try adblock – I run it and I don’t get any of this junk:

    • capaxdei

      Mark’s blogs have always been nightmares of slow loading junk in the margins.

      But Patheos is by far the worst. I only bother to click on about one in ten Patheos links I’d otherwise click on. And just when you think it’s as bad as it can be, it gets worse.

    • Dan F.

      Chrome+Adblock Plus
      = i dont’ know what you’re talking about. 🙂

  • cfae

    When did Ms. Kelly become as annoying and interviewer as Chris Mathews? The interrupting is inexcusable.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Inexcusable? Really? By not letting her shovel the BS she was putting out there? THAT’S the inexcusable part?

      Not the thoroughly debunked “98% of Catholics” nonsense, not the attempt to strongarm these nuns into violating their consciences, no. Interrupting. That’s the inexcusable thing.

  • jenny

    God bless Fox News.

    • kmk

      Or at least Megyn Kelly! Good for her!

  • Matt Talbot

    Cable news interviews are pretty much unwatchable – two people talking over each other, cutting each other off, and so on, isn’t really communicating anything other than conflict – which, you know, sells shampoo and Chryslers, I get it, but it doesn’t really make the world a better place.

  • Tom

    No, no, Mark, you have to tell her that she’s awful and terrible and should get back in the kitchen, that way she’ll keep doing it with gusto.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.” (Nicholas Klein)

    We’re now in Stage 3, because the pro-abortion crowd is panicking: They’re losing the argument and they know it.