A Work of Mercy for the Suffering Church in Iraq

A Work of Mercy for the Suffering Church in Iraq August 7, 2014

A reader writes:

We are looking to bring awareness to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. One way we can do this is to be a visible witness right here in our own communities. We have designed a t-shirt campaign to help us do this. Here is the link that I am asking you to help us do this. Please consider purchasing one of these t-shirts and wearing it proudly. In Mosul and Iraq ISIS has been executing Christians for their belief as Christians. Their choice is to convert to Islam or Die for your faith. Christians are being marked with the Arabic Symbol NOON “N” which is used as a pejorative symbol for “Nazorean” or follower of Jesus Christ. Just last week two teenagers chose to be crucified rather than deny their faith. This is an extreme Muslim group whose goal is the complete destruction of the Christian faith. Just today there was a report of 67 people who were executed by firing squad, beheading and crucifixion. Pregnant mothers are having their babies cut out of their wombs and then having the babies hung from trees by their umbilical cords.

As Catholic Witnesses for our faith we cannot just let this go unnoticed. Please help us by getting the word out. That when I die there would be no higher honor than to have my body labeled with the word Nazorean What these murdering radicals intend as dishonor is in fact the highest honor. Show your solidarity with Christians of Iraq. Put this symbol everywhere you can; on your Facebook, on Instagram, and twitter. And where it proudly.

Please share this link and if possible purchase a shirt to help support our ministry

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