Obama out-Coulters Coulter

Obama out-Coulters Coulter August 7, 2014

My fellow Patheosi Frank Weathers notes that the Administration’s passivity while the refugees of Iraq are slaughtered can be summarized as ” “Wrong kind of Christians, in the wrong places, being killed.” (though, to be fair, non-Christians are getting slaughtered too).  He calls it the Coulter Copout.

He’s got a point. Coulter’s thinly veiled appeal to mouth-breathing racists was, in plain English, “What’s with all the concern for worthless people dying in Africa? Let ’em die. American Christian doctors should be treating good white people at Cedars-Sinai.”  (Extra credit racism points for “We need to convert them rich Jews and get their money working for us!” subtext.  Extra credit stupid points for thinking “Christian missionary doctors will magically convert people by treating them.”)

Thing is, Coulter has no power to actually *do* anything other than say vile things.  She can neither order nor forbid a soul to help in Africa.

But Obama actually has real power.  The Community Organizer is looking at a vast humanitarian crisis of the US’s making in Iraq and has the ability to organize an international response of evacuation and asylum.  France, to our burning shame, has already begun accepting refugees.

And Obama:  he, exactly like Ann Coulter, can’t be bothered with these worthless foreigners whom we so badly betrayed.  Only, unlike Ann Coulter, he has the power to actually help.

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  • KM
  • KM


    The joke’s on America. This is the picture I wanted to post.
    (Sorry about the former link which I didn’t check. Bad site. Please delete.)

  • JustMe

    Ann’s problem is that she has to continually be outrageous and top herself over and over. That schtick can’t last forever so she’s eventually going to have to reinvent herself or just go away. I’ll take either one.

    • Petey

      no, her problem is the things she thinks.

      • Hezekiah Garrett

        You follow that person enough to notice such?

  • Willard

    “President Obama may move within hours to authorize a U.S. military airdrop of humanitarian supplies to minorities fleeing Islamist militants in northern Iraq, as he separately weighs airstrikes against Islamist forces, according to a senior administration official.”


    • MeanLizzie

      Weeks late. Too many thousands are dead, tens of thousands displaced.

      • Willard

        Is this a new position for you Mark? I thought you were generally opposed to engaging ISIS militarily. Or are you referring to the humanitarian aid which I agree should have happened a lot sooner?

        • chezami

          Evacuation and asylum are not war (though it will involve violence if ISIS attacks the aid workers). I suspect that they won’t though. They are bullies and cowards killing the defenseless, not warriors.

  • jeanvaljean24601

    Didn’t Francis have something to say (recently) about treating other human beings as “disposable”?

  • Peggy

    I thought this was Bush’s fault b/c we went into Iraq in the first place.

    Successor presidents have a responsibility to attend to the situations left to them, whether the original decision was defensible. It no longer matters. What’s O going to do now? I daresay an associate of mine was killed in ’09 b/c of the beginnings of the pull-out in Iraq. O will ponder whether to do something for a good while, as Christians and other minority societies in Iraq are slaughtered.

    RE: Coulter, yes, her column was horrid and vile. Last time I saw her she was parading a Christian cross on her neck. It’s been a while. She seems to have lost her way one can kindly say.

    • chezami

      It is Bush’s fault. But he’s not President now, so Obama needs to act..

      • Peggy

        It is?

        Barry promised us a stable Iraq that he was leaving behind. He screwed it up.


        • HornOrSilk

          No. Bush screwed it up. The situation is totally from Bush’s immoral war, and the genocide began while Bush was still heavily involved with Iraq.

          Obama has his own problems (Libya; lack of taking care of the Sudan). It’s amazing how partisans want to neglect their “side” and the damage they have done. It’s not all Obama all the time just because he is president.

    • Petey

      you follow that person enough to notice such?

      • Peggy

        I don’t follow HER. She’s been on shows I’ve watched.

        These days, I mostly watch Cardinal baseball games from April through October. That’s great reality TV. I’m tired of political TV.

  • Mike Blackadder

    I don’t know if we’re the in best position to help. It’s a gross humanitarian crisis but is it really helpful if Obama talks about the gravity of the situation with no intention of rectifying the situation? When ISIS has occupied the terrain surrounding the refugees to whom are we to appeal?

    • Dan Berger

      My guess is that we could probably come to a reasonable accommodation with ISIS where they wouldn’t shoot at aircraft that were coming in to take the folks off the mountain.

      After all, their goal is to get rid of everybody who isn’t their particular brand of Muslim (and especially the non-Muslims). We’d be helping them.

  • Mike Blackadder

    I don’t know that Obama’s silence amounts to a Coulter Copout. He’s been told loud and clear by the American people that there is no interest in having boots on the ground in Iraq. We can drop water bottles and monitor events with video coverage, but even this puts American lives at risk that the American people have no stomach for. Are we now saying that the American military is to be put to use to shelter innocent life overseas? We are a nation that lives by many Christian virtues, but is the noble soldier still considered an ambassador of such virtue and an example of Christian sacrifice by our church leaders including the Vatican?

  • Willard
  • KM

    Obama “”has the ability to organize an international response of evacuation and asylum.” This is what I understand Mark to be saying, not let’s engage ISIS militarily or bomb Iraq again. Obama could work with the international community to find safe places of refuge for victims of our war-mongering foreign policy.

    • chezami

      We can always find the cash for war. but when it comes to humanitarian efforts…

      • KM

        Exactly right.

  • kirthigdon

    If Obomber has in fact started bombing Iraq again, I am sure Ann Coulter’s only criticism will be that he is not doing nearly enough of it. She was a big advocate of the original invasion of Iraq and has advocated bombing the Moslem world in general.
    Kirt Higdon

  • Dave G.

    I’m not sure that I could draw a connection between what Obama isn’t doing and what Coulter said. Nonetheless, there is a growing uneasy feeling that people are becoming useful only insofar as they advance The Agenda. For the most part, the actual persecuting of Christians is only a side story in the overall international news, when covered at all. On FOX, it and the persecution of Christians globally is often reported on. And yet you feel in both cases, there are ulterior motives behind why things are or aren’t focused on. And if that’s the case, then it wouldn’t be shocking if Obama was one of many politicians that may be following suite. But again, I’m not sure I see it in this.

  • Billiamo

    Careful, Mark. Patheosi look dangerously like Pelosi.

  • Ye Olde Statistician

    Don’t forget Jonathon Swift, who recommended cooking and eating Irish babies.

    • Reilly Washburn

      Ye Olde Statistician: Swift was speaking in saeva indignatio. Coulter and Obama are speaking with alleged sincerity

      • Dan F.

        He knows

  • Reilly Washburn

    Ye Olde Statistician: Swift was speaking in saeva indignatio. Coulter and Obama are speaking with alleged sincerity.