Obama out-Coulters Coulter

Obama out-Coulters Coulter August 7, 2014

My fellow Patheosi Frank Weathers notes that the Administration’s passivity while the refugees of Iraq are slaughtered can be summarized as ” “Wrong kind of Christians, in the wrong places, being killed.” (though, to be fair, non-Christians are getting slaughtered too).  He calls it the Coulter Copout.

He’s got a point. Coulter’s thinly veiled appeal to mouth-breathing racists was, in plain English, “What’s with all the concern for worthless people dying in Africa? Let ’em die. American Christian doctors should be treating good white people at Cedars-Sinai.”  (Extra credit racism points for “We need to convert them rich Jews and get their money working for us!” subtext.  Extra credit stupid points for thinking “Christian missionary doctors will magically convert people by treating them.”)

Thing is, Coulter has no power to actually *do* anything other than say vile things.  She can neither order nor forbid a soul to help in Africa.

But Obama actually has real power.  The Community Organizer is looking at a vast humanitarian crisis of the US’s making in Iraq and has the ability to organize an international response of evacuation and asylum.  France, to our burning shame, has already begun accepting refugees.

And Obama:  he, exactly like Ann Coulter, can’t be bothered with these worthless foreigners whom we so badly betrayed.  Only, unlike Ann Coulter, he has the power to actually help.

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