We are now entering the “How were we supposed to know?” phase of history in Iraq

We are now entering the “How were we supposed to know?” phase of history in Iraq August 9, 2014

“Those who decide that all peaceful means that international law makes available are exhausted assume a grave responsibility before God, their conscience and history,” – Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls, March 20, 2003

I’m finding it harder and harder to argue against the fact that we need to kill the rabid dog that is ISIS. I can’t stand the horrors these monsters are committing. But it also means that the people we want to help are going to die in large numbers, and that, when we are done destroying ISIS, somebody else will fill the void who will likely be just as horrible. At the moment, what I’d really like to do is strap Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the fools who created this horror (and still admit no error as they roam the conservative newsosphere claiming to be experts) to the bombs we drop on ISIS. What a nightmare they created. They should be tried in the Hague and jailed for the rest of their lives, not feted by Pravda FOX.

If we go to war, it can’t be half-assed aspirin factory bombing. So we have to either decide to destroy ISIS (that means a ground war with our sorely abused and overstressed troops once again bearing the burden while Congress cuts their pay and votes themselves raises) or evacuate the refugees. If war, that puts us into Syria too–and on a side we don’t especially want to be on, since ISIS is there too.

I don’t know about you, but I’m praying that God will intervene somehow. This looks bigger than us humans can get through on our own. The Holy Father has called us to prayer. That seems the smartest move. God can think of things we can’t.

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