Cosmetic bombs and real help

Cosmetic bombs and real help August 9, 2014

I suspect a strong inverse statistical relationship between the “Bomb Iraq!” crowd and those who want to give these refugees the asylum we absolutely *owe* them. The more we want to drop a few bombs–to assuage our conscience that we “did something” before leaving these people to their fate and shrugging “we tried”–the less we want to actually, you know, *do* something to take these people in. 

If (which won’t happen, because he has no intention of helping the people we abandoned in any serious way) Obama were to organize an airlift to get these thousands of people out of harm’s way and give them asylum in the US, I think the same people screaming at kids at the border would be screaming at these people–people for whose predicament we are as responsible as we are for our client states Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Worry not, screamers at children, the Deporter in Chief has no intention of doing much more than cosmetics. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I don’t think I will be. And I am afraid because God sees and remembers.

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