What the Dark Enlightenment Stands For

What the Dark Enlightenment Stands For August 19, 2014

Nicely illustrated as the Reactionaries and post-Christian racialists let down their hair and talk freely among themselves

“Go to any Catholic Church and they are always collecting for some jungle bunny in bongo bongo land. It’s become an anti-white religion. “Catholic” schools are full of darkies. The Church has completely abandoned the core that made it what it is. See how loyal your new people are when you’ve got no gibsmedat for them.”

“The recent Christian support for amnesty and the border invasion was the final straw for me.

I converted to Asatru: http://www.runestone.org/”

“I feel ya, besides I can’t honestly look my blue eyed kids in the eyes and honestly tell them they’re descended from the tribes of Abraham. I rejected the Church at a very young age to the dismay of my parents, but I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist. I’ve recently been introduced to Asatru, it feels right but I’m not sure how I feel about it as a religion, although as a culture and tradition it feels like something I’ve been missing for a long time.”

“Churchianity is now most definitely reheated Cultural Marxism all over.

Ever heard of “sedevacantists”? Those are traditional Catholics who have come to the conclusion that Pope Francis and his five predecessors starting with John XXIII could not possibly be valid Catholic Popes. And I think their Marxism has a lot to do with it, along with their gutting of all the traditional sacraments.

Unfortunately, it’s a fringe opinion at this point — according to Pew Research, only about 4% of American Catholics disapprove of Francis or consider him a change for the worse. But, on the other hand, Hispanics are rapidly defecting from the faith, and white Catholics are vanishing from the Democrat Party. It may take a century, but eventually, at least in the USA, Catholics will almost certainly be mostly white, Republican-voting, and sedevacantist.”

“It may take a century, but eventually, at least in the USA, Catholics will almost certainly be mostly white, Republican-voting, and sedevacantist.”

This is contrary to what demographers are seeing, who predict that in 100 years Catholicism will mostly be a non-Western, non-white religion (mostly African and Latin American mestizo).”

“A lot of Christian intellectuals talk about Pope Francis as if he were a family embarrassment, a drunken father or a mother engaged in adultery – yeah, it’s a sin, but there’s already so much damage, that it’s the best to keep it “in the family” and not make any more bad publicity. He’s a commie, but he’s one of our own…

Watching some christian pro-family activists in my country fills me with sadness – they are honest hard working people trying to preserve their ways of life, not noticing that when push comes to shove, their own Church will betray them, stab them in the back and call them sinners. The only way I see Catholicism going back to being a non-left religion is emergence of small elite traditional mass communities who will deny any modern theology, and will keep spreading that movement slowly, parish by parish. At one point they will have to wage war with the Vatican, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the struggle would end up in bloodshed, on one side or another.”

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