“Born This Way” only applies to them

“Born This Way” only applies to them September 15, 2014

Narcissists seeking to accessorize are displeased with defective product: demand it be killed.

On the bright side, the surrogate mother refused to do so.

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  • MarylandBill

    This article demonstrates just how much is wrong with modern society and why surrogacy can never be ethical (its not just the Catholic Church trying to oppress people, there are real negatives here).

  • David Naas

    Mark, you do not understand.
    “All other people exist only to give me pleasure, and when they no longer do so, they can be dispensed with.”
    So, get busy pleasing me, or — else.

    • MarylandBill

      It would only narcissism if I was not the center of the moral universe.

  • “Tolerance!”

  • Wow. One sin leads to another, eh. If “this way” is downs, it’s abnormal so reject. If “this way” is gay, it’s normal so accept or be punished. Madness…

  • Marthe Lépine

    On the other hand, the choice of the surrogate mother to keep the baby and take care of him is a hopeful sign. Many sacrifices are going to have to be made to look after that baby. They are certainly going be felt, sometimes, as inconveniences. The surrogate mother who refused an abortion did the right thing. This should count for something, since it is one step in the right direction. I think that we need to praise the steps in the right direction, each and every one, instead of always criticizing what is wrong, or the steps that have not been taken yet, or that should have been taken, in our opinion.. Other steps in the right direction might follow, with time. I see the decision to refuse to abort the baby as a victory of love over death.

    • David Naas

      One reason I like “sloppy” Catholicism: every feeble attempt to do better gets encouraged, rather than fidgeting over every imperfection (OK, the Jansenists were Catholic, but…)

  • Always interesting to pick up on certain phrases used in these articles. “Andrea had already had one abortion and was reluctant to have another after having a bad experience the first time.” Well…yeah.