I really gotta see “Calvary”

I really gotta see “Calvary” September 24, 2014

Fr. Robert Barron talks about this film with great enthusiasm. (SPOILER ALERT!)

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  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I’m eager to see it as well after reading reviews. But I have to say that the TV ads for this movie are VERY misleading. Every preview I see for this movie makes it look like an Irish version of Monsignor Martinez. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wRAWmb2mOg

  • Jeff Roberts

    Take a pass. I chronicles the life of a drinking, fighting, swearing wannabe trad priest in a soutane who seems obsessed with black men sleeping with Irish women.
    He shamefully advocate porn over violence and fornication.
    Great scenery but otherwise, as the Irish say: “Baaaad Fih-Lem”

    You’ll swear it was produced by Voris & Co. Perhaps, that explains all his trips to Ireland! That pub looked familiar. Ya telling me they aren’t any others on the island?

  • Jeff Roberts

    Oops! Didn’t attach. What will Voris say now that Fr. Barron is plugging his movie?


  • anna lisa

    I saw it. It was brilliant. I’ll give any priest a free pass for getting drunk and throwing a few punches under those circumstances.
    Making saints out to look like they are made of radiant spun sugar never did anybody any favors.
    He wasn’t obsessed with the sins of *anybody*.

    • Mary Keller

      Well put.
      It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t that bad.

      • anna lisa

        I did have to apologize to my husband. The movie ends and everyone sits there silently like they just got kicked in the gut.
        This means I now owe him.
        Good thing it wasn’t a chick flick, and was only moderately foreign (though subtitles might have been nice) He charges me TWO guy-movies for those.

  • Mary Keller

    If what you say is true, why hasn’t it been reviewed by the radtrads. CFN, Remnant, Wander…… crickets.
    I think thou doth protest too much!

    • Alex Sferra

      I’m surprised Sunjenis isn’t promoting it. An anti-Semitic film like this would never see the light of day in Hollywood. They HAD to produce it offshore.
      The plot of the movie is just dopey. Why didn’t they add a few Leprechauns ?

      • Rory Nelson

        I don’t know if it’s anti-Semitic as much as it’s shameless Replacement Theology propaganda. The author would probably go in for pre-Vat2 theology vis-a-vis the Jews. I doubt there’s any place for that with today’s insight. In an interview with the man who played the priest, the Jewish interviewer said that the Catholic element is disturbing. He should have said, the radtrad element.


  • Mike Taylor

    Please post your review after you see it Mark. To me it was just a bad movie about a cultural Catholic who can’t stand dark people from the Ivory Coast (Simon) who has a death wish.

  • Christian Auerbach

    I rarely put much in professional reviews and am generally of the opinion that if the movie is doing poorly at the box office, it’s probably just a poor movie and not a conspiracy. Take The Passion, it was a great film by a director even more nutty, anti-Semitic, and unbalanced than this priest and the protesters and Jesus haters (not to mention the US bishops) couldn’t stop people from paying to see it.

    Yes, the movie is a dud as the Irish say because it’s a “Baahd Fih-Lem”

    Mark, take a pass.

  • Kathryn O

    “baaah fillem” LOL!!! My dad used to think “film” had two syllables.
    This movie or “fillem” I’m afraid is just another piece of anti-Catholic trash.
    Great scenery though. And the accents are perfect.

    Disclaimer: I saw <15mins and then snuck out to see Ninja Turtles which was just starting.

  • Kitty D’Arcy

    What tree did you guys fall out of? There’s nothing anti Jewish in this movie and I doubt Voris had anything to
    do with it because it’s about forgiveness. The music you hear at the end is the pater noster in Irish

  • D. Rents

    I gotta admit, I disagree with all of you.