Prayer Requests and Praise Report

Prayer Requests and Praise Report September 9, 2014

A reader writes:

Here’s an update on the brain-injured baby we prayed for the other day.

Father, continue to hear and answer our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ.

Another reader writes:

My husband lost his job on Good Friday of this year. He recently heard back on two applications – he was turned down for both.

He is starting to feel a bit down about the whole process. Please pray for him, and for our family. I have a good job so we are okay financially for now, but of course it would be better if he could get back to work.

Father, we continue to ask that you would swiftly give your son a good job at a living wage. Grant him the grace of faith and hope in you and give him peace as he continues his job search. Give peace and encouragement to his family as well. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them.

Another reader writes:

I asked you and your readers to pray for me and my family as I looked for better wages to support us. I’m happy to report that I had received and accepted an offer only a few days before my baby boy was born and I’ll be starting next week. Blessed be God, the Father of all.

Thanks be to God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ!

Another reader writes:

I’d ask for prayers for the newest priest in the diocese of Nashville Fr. William Carmona and his family. He’s suffering from a reoccurance of cancer and is not expected to live much longer. Yesterday Bishop Choby ordained him deacon and priest. The ordination Mass is online. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

More info here and here.

Father, grant your son and servant the grace of a happy death through Christ our Lord. Thank you for this faithful priest! Mother Mary, pray for him and for us all now and at the hour of our death!

Another reader writes:

I’d love for you to call in the troops for this đŸ™‚ Of those tens of thousands of refugee kids stuck at the border, several hundred came as part of families. The unaccompanied kids have to be fostered in very particular places where services are available, so that is not a possibility for my family. Those who have a parent with them (usually mom) could ideally be moved out of the barracks where they are stuck now, and into host homes while they wait for all the red tape to be processed, which takes about a year. This is one of those times where God said, “You! This! Now!” so I got a little crazy, and I bought a house, closing Friday. (I’ve long been thinking of having a small house to rent, since I live in a college town, so it’s not 100% risk on my part.) The community is coming together to furnish the house, and I am hoping to crowd-source funding for the utilities and groceries once we have a family or two in there.

Here’s the awful part that needs prayer:

This government so far refuses to release these families. The update I got from USCCB/MRS today says that the families are showing the strain of their situation, and they are soliciting cards and letters of encouragement for volunteers to deliver, but no little gifts, because gifts are verboten. How can gifts be forbidden?? Would you and your readers please continue pray for all of these families, that they would be treated hospitably and not give up hope, but also that we would soon have a family to welcome in our community? I’m so sad that we have a place ready to go, and yet it will sit empty until Uncle Sam relents.

If anyone wants to watch the progress of painting and furnishing, the relevant Facebook group is called Casa Guate Kirksville.

Father, grant safety, shelter, asylum, and a home to these desperate people through your Son Jesus Christ. Our Lady of Refuge, pray for them! Help your servant do the good she is attempting!

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