Reason #98345928372 I’m glad to be Catholic

Reason #98345928372 I’m glad to be Catholic September 11, 2014

I will never have to endure a massively tasteless homily about the power and glory of flying, all-intrusive murderbots as a metaphor for God.

I remember 9/10/01, when I lived in a different country.

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  • PalaceGuard

    OTOH, I once sat through a homily by an elderly, liberal, patently confused Catholic priest on Trinity Sunday that left me thoroughly confused as to whether it were about the Trinity, solar power, or was an awkward paean to Sol Invictus. Bad ideas know no denominational boundaries. Although the taste level in the drone sermon was lower than a snake’s umbilicus.

    • R

      You are correct in saying that it could be a phenomenon to all Christian Churches. But the thing is, the sermon is the highlight of the services conducted by protestant denominations, while in the Catholic Church it is not the sermon but the sacrifice, the eucharist. No matter how bad the sermon of the priest(which is often the case), this doesn’t lessens the grandeur of the mass.

      • PalaceGuard

        Truly so! 🙂

      • sez

        It used to be a joke – back in the day when everyone went to church: “Protestants go to church on Sunday for the sermon. Catholics go in spite of it.”

  • Joseph

    Dunno. I’ve witnessed some pretty bad homilies delivered by Catholic priests (I’ve lived in dozens of cities around the US and Ireland). There was one in particular. I used to call his masses “The Father Ray Show”. He’d walk up and down the aisles with his microphone like Phil Donohue, tell jokes, pick people out at random to speak into the mic. It was really embarrassing.

    • Adolfo

      Yes, and as bad as that was, it wasn’t a call to murder. Not even close.

      • Joseph

        That’s true. I’m just making the point that Catholic priests aren’t immune from taking the opportunity for self-promotion in their homilies. But, you’re right, I’ve never heard a priest call for murder in my lifetime… though I’m pretty sure that there have been priests who have done so in the long history of the Church.

  • Morris

    So you apparently missed the over-the-top military worship at the Notre Dame / Michigan game?

    • Dave G.

      I missed the military worship.

  • Doug Sirman

    “It’s funny cuz it’s true!” At long last, after half a millennium, someone Catholic priests can look at and say, “Hey, at least we don’t suck quite as bad as that guy!”

  • I don’t know how being Catholic prevents a priest in his homilies from making reeeeally bad analogies in extremely poor taste. It does prevent him from playing a video during mass (in most places), but that’s about it. Self-aggrandizing bad taste goes back to Paul of Samosata at the very least.