SciPhi Journal is on the Air!

SciPhi Journal is on the Air! October 22, 2014

A reader writes:

Hope all is well. There’s a new journal that your readers might find interesting, as it treats both science fiction and philosophy (and Christianity!) seriously, called the Sci Phi Journal. Its first issue is just out on Amazon and elsewhere.

While not expressly Christian in outlook, it provides a place where stories and essays that are so can be published without apology. Writers include John C Wright, who contributed The Ideal Machine, a science fiction novella in a Catholic context, with a priest who isn’t the bad guy. Imagine. Also included are essays about the moral viability of the Prime Directive, and an analysis of the philosophy contained in the sequels to the Matrix, and lots of other goodies.

I’m geeking out over here! What’s not to love?

It’s just so refreshing to read something that is both fun and geeky as well as learned and respectful of Christianity.We need to encourage such things, I think. Given that the geek level of your readers seems far above normal, I thought I’d share this.

Website is:

Indeed!  I hope we will see more from the estimable Mr. Wright there, as well as contributions from Mike Flynn, Orson Scott Card (a Mormon, but close enough in this case, and one who has given some serious thought to the relationship of scifi and theology).  Yr. Obdt. Svt. can also think of one or two pieces he may try to disinter and offer there.

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