Fr. Robert Barron on Shepherding People

Fr. Robert Barron on Shepherding People October 22, 2014

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  • Judy

    Wonderful wisdom here. Thanks for sharing.
    I love that my own pastor puts little cards in the pews for people to write names and phone numbers of someone who has fallen away. He then takes the cards, calls the people, and invites them back. 🙂

  • prairiebunny

    Fr Barron failed to ask why the 75% left.Could it be poor catechesis?If some kid is given 12 years of fluff in class and upon graduation from high school can’t name the four evangelists,how is that person supposed to defend the faith against attacks from evangelicals or the secular left?

    • Mark S. (not for Shea)

      It is poor catechesis. And it is still a MAJOR problem. As much as I love my parish, most of the religious education classes have more to do with banners and balloons than with teaching the Faith.

      • Paxton Reis

        And with Protestant denominations experiencing steep declines too, it points to the challenges catechism and evangelization will encounter in our world filled with so many material comforts and the speed at which desires can be (seemingly) satisfied.

        This is beyond the Pope and Bishops and require all of us to life a public, Spirit-filled life that exhibits the mercy, the goodness, and the forgiveness of Jesus.

        Regarding our children, we need to plant seeds so IF there is a point in time they leave the Church there is something remaining inside that can draw them back (that has been my own experience as I wandered for a number of years before returning. I recall my father–with all of his imperfections–attending daily Mass and in times of deep need exuding a deep love for us that in other times was not always on the surface).

        Fr. Barron and the Pope have talked about leading with and showing the beauty of the Church…let’s leave the doors open and invite people to return and to renew their faith life.

    • Sherry Weddell

      Prairiebunny – Only 60% of Catholic (as a whole) believe in a personal God – the problem is so far beyond catechesis. Mass attendance – across generations and genders, go up and down in direct proportion to the percentage of a generation or gender that believes in the possibility of a personal relationship with God. Only 40% of 20 something Catholic believe in a personal God. It is no surprise that only about 15% of Millennials are at Mass on a given weekend.

    • The problem isn’t catechesis — it’s a lack of evangelization, which must always precede catechesis if it is to be effective.

    • prairiebunny

      In my first post I was unfair to Fr Barron.That wasn’t my intent.In the video he was talking about a specific problem,Catholics leaving the church and what to do about them.That is one problem.Poor catechesis is another problem that very often leads to the first problem.I have “Catholicism” the DVD series by Fr Barron so I’m sure he is well aware of the problem of poor catechesis and has talked about it elsewhere.

  • ivan_the_mad

    This is fine pastoral counsel, and I suspect that strain shall be echoed in the synod.