10 Things Not to Say to a Convert

10 Things Not to Say to a Convert December 15, 2014

A pretty funny piece from Abby Johnson.

I like the graphics.

The only thing she left out was “You just did it to get rich and turn the Church Protestant.”

"Thank you, and a Blessed Easter."

"I loved this. Thank you, Mark."

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  • linda daily

    🙂 one thing converts should not say to life-long Catholics – there’s the door, the Episcopalian church is down the street (one week after they are received into full communion 🙂

    • True for anyone for sure, convert or no.

    • norcalrunner

      Yes indeed. And converts should not be idolized and told they’re better/smarter/holier than “cradle” Catholics.

      People are Catholics (or not). Full stop. No need for qualifiers.

  • Chris

    FYI You have a Joel Osteen advert on your blog.

    • Matthew

      FYI: Mark has no control over what ads appear on this blog.

      • norcalrunner

        I always find complaints about ads here hilarious because the ads I get are usually for the last product I either searched or bought via internet — so right now I’m getting a Hoka One One ad and a Fisher Price ad.

        It’s especially funny when men complain about “porn” ads ’cause then I just assume they were cruising some naughty sites beforehand.

  • Galorgan

    Well, now I just want to watch Bloodsport.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Apparently, there are plenty of people out there who never got the course in basic MANNERS. However, I am shocked to hear that Mark didn’t become Catholic to become rich. We Catholics are just rolling in the dough.

  • DC

    I have always thought the #1 thing we should say to converts is, “Welcome.”

    • Alma Peregrina

      But in some churches it should be: “Watch out for that… step… ouch, that gotta hurt”.