It’s the Liam Neeson Kill Map!

It’s the Liam Neeson Kill Map! December 19, 2014


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  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Since every Liam Neeson movie is basically the same as the last Liam Neeson movie, he ought to just brand himself. Every movie release could just be him. LIAM NEESON, followed by LIAM NEESON II, then LIAM NEESON III, and LIAM NEESON IV.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love Liam Neeson. Great actor and actually seems like a decent human being. But I really wonder what he’s thinking in some of his career choices over the past 15 years.

    • MarylandBill

      Actually, I think there is quite a variety of Liam Neeson films. We have ones where he kills people with swords, and ones where he kills people with guns and ones where he kills them with car doors. How much variety do people want?

      Actually seriously, his career has been pretty diverse. Him becoming primarily a star known for his body count really I think has come since the first Taken movie. Most of the films that are most questionable in terms of career judgement have come since 2009 when there is a spike in the number of films he was involved in. I can’t help but wonder if he threw himself into his work to help him deal with the untimely death of his wife?

    • Rob B.

      I just watched *Love Actually* again this afternoon with my lady wife. His role in that film made me smile. It’s a far cry from his more violent work.

  • TheSmoothly

    I love Liam Neeson because he’s cute and hot. But all the movies are the same.

  • Rob B.

    I’m glad they included Star Wars Episode I and the Narnia movies…

    • Dang, but I thought I was *finally* going to find out where Naboo and Narnia are!!!

      • Rob B.

        Look at the map, they are on the upper corners on the left and right sides… 🙂

  • Kirt Higdon

    So how did they miss the movie Michael Collins, where he portrayed the celebrated Irish terrorist/revolutionary? I’m a big fan of Liam Neeson, but he has begun one trend which relates to the topic of torture. In Taken, he shoots and wounds the innocent wife of a corrupt French official to gain needed information from the official. In the more recent November Man, leading actor Pierce Brosnan slashes the femoral artery of the innocent girl friend of someone who is pursuing him in order to force him to break off the pursuit to call the paramedics. Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No started the trend of the “good guy” killing villains in cold blood. Has Neeson started a trend of having the “good guy” wound the innocent in cold blood and how long will it be before this escalates to killing the innocent?

    Kirt Higdon

    • D.T. McCameron

      Of course, there’s been a long trend of separating the “good guy” from the protagonist.

      • Kirt Higdon

        In both Taken and The November Man, Neeson and Brosnan respectively are portraying the protagonist as a “good guy”. They are not anti-heroes, but heroes in a noble cause. While I never saw the TV series 24, torturer Jack Bauer, portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland not only played the protagonist as good guy but was used by even Supreme Court Justice Scalia as an example of a righteous torturer. “What would Jack Bauer do?” Well, everyone knows now in graphic detail what his fans did and many are yet applauding.

        Kirt Higdon

        • D.T. McCameron

          “In both Taken and The November Man, Neeson and Brosnan respectively are portraying the protagonist as a “good guy”.”

          I…is that…are you sure? I mean, is that the sort of thing that’s open to interpretation? Would Neeson’s character in Taken have described himself as a good person?

          “They are not anti-heroes, but heroes in a noble cause.”

          Well, Neeson’s character made it in the anti-hero list. And pretty much every spy movie protagonist is this by default. The genre sits firmly in moral grey areas, even if there aren’t any.

          Greydanus mentioned in his review something to the effect of, “All is permitted to rescue the daughter.”

          My point is, noble causes aren’t exclusive to noble people. And if they are, then…you’ll need to talk to the purveyors of pop culture, I suppose.

          • Kirt Higdon

            Rescuing your daughter is a noble cause and that’s kind of the point I was making, that even a noble cause does not justify violating the moral law. The US terror warrior/torturers could also claim to be acting in a noble cause, the protection of the US from further terrorism, but the moral law applies to them as well. No one gets exceptions.

            Kirt Higdon

            • D.T. McCameron

              “No one gets exceptions.”

              Exactly. Which is why they should drop the manifest destiny/Christian nation shtick and act like empire they are.

              Actually be good, or drop the farce, I say.

  • Neihan

    So basically what I’m seeing here is that there’s lots of places he hasn’t gone yet. As a Liam Neeson fan I find hope in the fact that there is a lot of the globe he has yet to cover and a lot of people he has yet to administer justice to. May he visit many exciting new places in 2015 and administer justice to many exciting new people.