Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening

Just because it isn’t happening here doesn’t mean it isn’t happening December 4, 2014

The war in Syria has killed more than 11,000 children, according to the Oxford Research Group, and created more than 1.2 million child refugees, according to UNICEF.

On the bright side, according to TIME:

The Norwegian nonprofit SOS Children’s Villages recently staged a candid-camera ad featuring a freezing boy at a bus stop. Passerby that encountered the boy generally offered him their coats and scarves, proving that people were willing to help a suffering child in need. The ad ends with a plea to send aid to Syrian children.

If you want to help Syria’s children, Mercy Corps is a fine way to do it.  Thanks!  You guys are astounding in your generosity!


"Quantum Entanglement for Babies.Truly brightened my day."

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  • Catholic pilgrim

    I like how a post about GOP vs. DEMs or TLM vs. Novus Ordo will generate 100+ passionate comments in reply, but one about the tragedy that Christians (the persecuted Body of Christ) are undergoing through in Syria/Iraq gets 0 comments. We should be sharing this video & the links to the organizations, we live comfortably here arguing about our domestic tribal affiliations while conveniently ignoring the persecuted Body of Christ suffering under Islamic attacks & threats (Syria/Iraq, Egypt, parts of Africa, etc.). Our “leaders” in Washington are also making the matters worse for the Persecuted Body of Christ (Christians in Middle East, Africa). We’re supposedly a “Christian Nation” but our actions are harming Christians. With Obama’s handling, we screwed things up in Egypt with the whole Mubarak/Muslim Brotherhood mess. Thanks to Sen. John McCain (who urged Pres. Obama), we are further destabilizing Syria/Iraq because McCain/Obama care more about destroying Pres. Assad of Syria than protecting Christians from ISIS. They don’t give a damn, & nobody in our country gives a damn enough to get both McCain & Obama out of office.
    In conclusion, Put Iraqi/Syrian Christians before Assad, John McCain/Barack Obama. American Catholic Christians (& Protestants too): The members of the Persecuted Body of Christ (in Middle East & Africa) are OUR brothers & sisters. One Lord, One Body. Their pains should be felt as your own pain. Most Americans can’t even place Syria on a map let alone know (or care) about what’s going on there. Apathy is our age’s poison.

    • Marthe Lépine

      Of course, you had to turn this into a political thing… I don’t know about Syria, but I am certain that the Iraqi situation might not be as bad now if Bush et al had not illegally invaded that country, long before Obama became president, but somehow it is now Obama’s fault…

      • Catholic pilgrim

        Marthe, I’m NOT trying to be political at all (which is why I started my comment with stating that sensational issues like GOP vs Democrat or Black vs White are getting way more attention than these WARFARE which are destroying lives). But if we want to end the Warfare in Syria/Iraq (& in other Muslim lands) we have to face it with ALL dimensions (including Political ones as well as social, military, & religious ones).
        Marthe, I agree: George Bush & Dick Cheney caused the Pre-emptive Iraq War (which was a crime against Humanity); I opposed it then, I oppose it now. BOTH GOP & Democrat parties are to blame equally. I don’t give a damn about petty Party politics. But facts stand. Our current military funding of Syrian Rebels (in order to topple Pres. Assad) is only doing things worse. Who has been pushing this funding? BOTH Democrat Obama AND REPUBLICAN Sen. John McCain. Facts are facts. If we’re gonna have US military funding involved, it should be solely focused on rescuing Middle Eastern Christians & toppling ISIS (Islamic State). We should NOT have military funding being sent to Syrian Rebels to topple Assad (as we’re doing now- thanks to Obama & McCain, who don’t care about Middle Eastern Christians), which will only result in a bigger Instability/mess, deaths, war, etc. How did our USA funding/support of toppling Mubarak in Egypt worked out under both Obama & McCain (Republican Senate Armed Forces Committee)? Coptic Christians being persecuted by Muslim Brotherhood dictator Morsi. If Syrian Rebels topple Assad & with ISIS around, what do you think will happen to Christians? More slaughter & instability. Military aid should ONLY go to Kurdish fighters (NOT Syrian rebels). Only the Kurds are our strong allies against the Islamic State. Syrian Rebels will backfire & cause more warfare. And Turkey has proven itself to be a weak, unreliable ally (unlike Kurds).

      • Catholic pilgrim

        Marthe, Years from now, Christians in Syria/Iraq (living under warfare & the Islamic State) will ask us Americans why we did not do much to help them. Our answer as American Christians will be we didn’t care too much. We let our leaders Pres. Obama & Sen. John McCain (Armed Forces Committee) who belong to BOTH Parties have strategies focusing more on toppling Syrian Pres. Assad than focusing on their rescue & the toppling of ISIS. We sent more military funding to Syrian Rebels (who are unstable) than the amount going to our strong allies the Kurdish fighters. We didn’t care enough to pressure Turkey (our supposed ally) to join the effort to topple ISIS at critical moments in ISIS’s rise. In short, sadly, we will have to answer to Middle Eastern Christians: we as American citizens (& fellow brothers & sisters in Christ) did not give enough of a damn about you, your lives/society, & homeland. We embraced the poison of Apathy.