What It Means to be Prolife and Not Merely Anti-Abortion

What It Means to be Prolife and Not Merely Anti-Abortion December 4, 2014

23 pro-life organizations filed a brief in an upcoming Supreme Court case, Young v. UPS, regarding a claim brought against UPS for pregnancy discrimination, in support of the woman whose pregnancy UPS refused to accommodate and placed on several unpaid leave, in which the woman lost her health insurance benefits.

Three pro-life law professors at a Catholic law school were among the attorneys who drafted and signed the brief. Here’s the story:

Law professors file amicus brief for working pregnant women

Well done!

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  • Right on. My first thought on reading about this case was that this was a pro-life issue. We need to address the reasons why women have abortions, and fear of losing one’s job is absolutely one of them.

    • HornOrSilk

      Sadly, many of the same people have helped create the situation by encouraging states to allow any reason for firing, including no reason.

      • Marthe Lépine

        In addition, the current attitude of most people on the “right”, unfortunately including Catholics who should know better and at least pay attention to what several popes have written on that matter, against unions does not help. Workers need the support of their peers in order to deal on a more equal basis with employers when it comes to working conditions, as well as wages.

        • IRVCath

          The problem is too many fear offending our coalition partners, specifically the non-Catholics who do not have the theological basis that Catholics have in regards to social justice. The fact that many white Catholics have moved out of the working class after the War doesn’t help, either.

  • cmfe

    Thanks for the update. This is important.