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Prayer Request December 8, 2014

A reader writes:

Can you post another prayer request for Kreed on your blog? If you recall, Kreed is my friend’s seventeen-year-old stepson with nonverbal autism; he communicates only through a speech device. He’s also got life-threatening hypoglycemia, food allergies, an autoimmune disease that’s destroying the nerves in his arms and legs, and several other medical conditions. His doctors suspect that he has a mitocondrial disorder which is causing all of the other disorders, but to prove that and to find effective treatment he would need genetic testing. His insurance company has refused to pay for the genetic testing four times already, specifically stating that because he has autism, this testing and treatment will not improve his quality of life. This even though he’s in constant pain and often wheelchair bound, and the doctors suspect that the mitochondrial disorder may have caused his autism in the first place. His mother is desperately trying to raise funds to pay for the testing in cash, along with all his other medical treatments. Also his beloved service dog Cinna recently had some serious health problems which are another expense and another trauma for Kreed to have to deal with. Just recently, Kreed’s blood sugar has been spiraling out of control, dropping to the low thirties without warning no matter what he eats. He’s going to have an MRI because they suspect a pancreatic tumor. His blood pressure keeps shooting up without warning as well, and they have no answers as to why without the testing.

There are three ways your readers can help Kreed. First of all, please pray and pray hard! I was thinking I would fast as my health allows on the last two Fridays of Advent, and offer it up for Kreed, and I hope some of your readers will join me in that or any other prayer or penance for him. And offer a prayer to Saint Francis for Cinna’s recovery as well!

Secondly, his mother has set up a gofundme to try to pay their expenses, and here it is:

Finally, Kreed has a P. O. box and he loves to get mail. I hope many of your readers will send a Christmas card to:
P.O. Box 16127
Bellemont, AZ 86015

Kreed’s stepmother (who’s also a very gifted therapist for autistic children) has a blog and a facebook page about his life and the ways they teach him to communicate, if any of your readers would like updates; you can see it here:

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

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