Honest Independence Day Trailer

Honest Independence Day Trailer March 19, 2015

How have I missed these things?

What the heck, here the Honest World War Z trailer too:

“Obligatory. Inception. BWAAS” completely undid me.

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  • Dan Berger

    WWZ was actually pretty entertaining. But the book was *so* much better.

  • MarylandBill

    Honest Trailers and Everything Wrong With are among my favorite channels on youtube.

    • CJ

      Honest Trailers is still great. The recent Everything Wrong With videos are way too long (Guardians of the Galaxy was almost 15 minutes) and have too much cursing.

      The Honest Trailers for the Twilight series are incredibly funny.

  • Sherry

    HESHE also rocks. How it Should have ended…..

  • Keary McHugh

    The Honest trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is my favorite, because that movie cannot be made fun of enough.

  • dasrach

    I love Honest Trailers. One of my favorite things about them is that they aren’t just haters–if a movie is really good, they’ll usually flat-out acknowledge it in the trailer before ribbing it for its more ridiculous points. Avengers, Dark Knight, and especially Guardians of the Galaxy are great examples–I love how GotG actually features the line “Guys, we’re really reaching here. This movie is super fun.”

    I think my favorite is probably Pacific Rim.