Prayer Request from Wenatchee 40DFL

Prayer Request from Wenatchee 40DFL March 14, 2015

Dear Lovers of Life,

Some of you heard from me on March  2nd, when I relayed a prayer request regarding a young woman named J who was 6 weeks pregnant and considering abortion. She was talking to her boyfriend that evening.

The next evening we heard back that they had decided to keep the baby, and everyone was jubilant, thanking and praising God that this little one had been saved!

Now we need to pray harder and with more perseverance: her boyfriend is now saying he doesn’t want the baby, and she is still thinking about having the abortion.

I think this is a fairly common occurrence, because our enemy will stop at nothing in his desire to bring death and destruction, especially to the most vulnerable of our kind. However, where sin abounds, there does grace even more abound!

The last time we prayed, a dear Hispanic couple prayed earnestly, and each independently heard God ask them to adopt this baby, if J and her boyfriend did not want to keep their child. Imagine the Hispanic couple, their tears of joy and disbelief, when they turned to each other and shared the very same life-giving message!

When I heard this, I was even more in awe of the power of God to stretch hearts through a simple prayer request — this couple’s children are ages 19 and 22!

So now J is nearly 8 weeks pregnant, and I am including everyone on this email, and I can’t wait to see what our God will do for EVERYONE involved – including you and me! Please pray with expectant faith, that this little one may live!

Yours for Life,


PS: It’s never too late to get involved with 40 Days for Life! Sign up at the national website  to receive daily updates (181 babies – that we know of – saved by Day 20, our halfway-point!) You will also be emailed a new “shot-in-the-arm” devotional each morning.

Call a friend and sign up to pray together on the Ferry Street sidewalk in front of Family Planning, at our local website vigil schedule at

Father, hear our prayer for J and her boyfriend to choose life through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  • sez

    Similar story for M in Spokane, scheduled to abort this Wednesday. Lots of prayers needed!!

    Edit: it’s tomorrow – Tuesday – St. Patrick’s day – that she is scheduled to abort.

    Edit#2: the best news! M has decided to keep her baby! She even told her parents, and her boyfriend told his parents… and they both (separately) experienced a sudden change of heart. They are now excited about having a baby!!!

    Thank you to all who offered prayers. May J (the woman in the OP) also have the courage to bring her baby to term.

    Praise be Jesus Christ!!