Waikiki Takes a Step in the Right Direction

Waikiki Takes a Step in the Right Direction March 31, 2015

with the homeless–helping instead of criminalizing them.

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  • Justin V

    I was just over there last week where the topic over homelessness was a big deal in the local news. Honolulu had apparently recently enacted laws that basically shoved the homeless into a neighboring downtown area from posh Waikiki. There is a canal in this neighboring area that the homeless have moved to and you can see a long row of tents clustered along the banks. Apparently this isn’t acceptable, either, because now the proposed plan to deal with homelessness is to build a fence along the canal. One of the problems is that there are larger immigrant families that had gov’t assisted housing but since too many people were domiciled in a place according to policy. Consequently, they were evicted.

    Again, this is based on a few hours of watching local news so take it for however little it’s worth (and I hope I’m mistaken), but it seems like there are some really good local aide groups that don’t find much help in their local government. Honolulu seems (per the local news reports) more interested in just relocating the problem than addressing it.

    • Sue Korlan

      Shipping the poor to the mainland sounds more like an attempt to get rid of the poor than an attempt to help them overcome their poverty.