153 Fishes and Related Matters

153 Fishes and Related Matters April 10, 2015

In which a curious incident from the Johannine tradition is mulled over on my Register blog and compared with an equally curious incident that happened 10 years ago.

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  • AquinasMan

    Great article. Love the pearl of wisdom that the revisionists cry “fraud”, then tell us to worship the fraud.

  • Mark

    No offense, but Divine Mercy Sunday ALWAYS falls the Sunday after Easter, and thus its Vigil is always on a Saturday, and one out of four Saturdays are First Saturdays (and there is one every month).

    The connections aren’t built into anything special about the year of his death, they’re built into the liturgical calendar already. The moveable nature of Easter doesn’t matter because Divine Mercy is also moveable and pegged to the date of Easter.

    If there’s anything remarkable it’s that he died on the Vigil of Divine Mercy which lots of people associate him with…but then, there are a bunch of feasts in the calendar. I’m sure if he had died on Our Lady of the Rosary, Assumption, etc etc…people would have noticed too.

    And he didn’t even die on the Feast itself, he died on the day before. “Oh but this let it be a First Saturday” seems a stretch to me. First Saturdays happen all the time. It’s not like he died on May 13th.

  • Lynn Marie Morrison

    Honestly, the number 153 simply relates to the number of Roman provinces at the time and was an invitation to the disciples and followers of Jesus to bring the message of the Resurrection to the whole world.