A new film about the Jews whom the Vatican hid…

A new film about the Jews whom the Vatican hid… April 18, 2015

in cloisters during WWII.  Cuz Pius was totally “Hitler’s Pope” and stuff.

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  • Dave G.

    Hitler’s Pope. Oh brother. You’d think people today wouldn’t even come close to taking it seriously. And yet, that approach to history is all the rage today, and not always aimed at the Church. It’s certainly popular on the Internet.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Quite often I find people who are otherwise very well educated and invested in things like proof, facts, and truth still parrot line like this (and Galileo).

      • Dave G.

        Isn’t it the truth. I think the Internet helps us find all those little places where the wackiest ideas are validated. I fear sometimes the Internet is an antidote to an educated generation.

        • Rebecca Fuentes

          Yes, and everyone presents their opinion as indisputable fact. We need fact checking skills more than ever!

  • antigon

    The Chief Rabbi of Rome during the persecution certainly thought so. Oh wait…