Isis and the Cross

Isis and the Cross April 23, 2015


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  • Artevelde

    Father Barron never disappoints.

  • Robin Warchol

    wow, it is in-depth thoughts like this that I am Catholic and enjoying it!

  • Irksome1

    My only couple with Father Barron is that First Century Christians did not hold up the Cross except, perhaps, rhetorically. In fact, the earliest depiction of the Cross that we know of is a piece of graffiti that depicts Christ with a donkey’s head. In other words, for the first couple of centuries, the only people who would dare hold up the Cross were the pagans who would use it for further mockery. It may be that the Cross functioned as a sort of in-joke amongst the already-initiated Christian brethren, or, thatt the Church, by the Fourth Century, started to look upon the Cross in the fashion that Father Barron talks about here. However, a Early Church that is boldly proclaiming the Cross to the world, rather than ashamed of it, is not in evidence in the First Century.

    • chezami

      3 O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified?( Ga 3:1).

      It would appear that the cross was already in use in liturgies in Paul’s day.

      • Gunnar Thalweg

        Thank you.

    • Joseph

      O my, such ignorance… History Channel should be proud of their product.

  • Vision_From_Afar

    Any chance of changing the name of those Middle-Eastern whackadoos to Daesh in future posts?