Some Trust the Trinity and Some in Jesus…

Some Trust the Trinity and Some in Jesus… April 23, 2015

but we will trust in the aim of the gun our god.  Gobs of “faithful” Catholics all over St. Blogs were cheering for a Catholic priest when they thought he was going to blow off all that stuff about not living by the sword and train his flock to pack heat.  In a hyper-typical combox comment, one guy wrote:

Sadly, our “Shepherd” in ATL has issued an edict to forbid us from bringing guns into “his” parishes. I’m still waiting for an edict from him to NOT join Planned Parenthood, the Freemasons or work at an abortion mill.

Because who ever heard of the fact that abortion is contrary to Catholic teaching before–or that a bishop has the right to legislate what can and cannot be done on Church grounds under his authority?

Sadly, for this and many other gun zealots, the priest’s bishop dared to dissent from his Americanist wisdom, stating that “Concealed Pistol License classes are inappropriate activities to be held on Church property”, so the priest backed down.

Meanwhile, this courageous defender of our gun culture accident exercised his second amendment rights against his toddler daughter, while this man accidently made sure that he would never have any daughters to shoot, something that happens a lot in the US–something we should not and cannot do anything about so just shut up, according to the NRA.  It’s the cost of freedom, doncha know, and it’s more important than the lives of innocents.

Speaking of costs of the gun culture, the ritually impure Mother Jones does something the NRA has worked extremely hard to make sure never happens at the federal level: researched the actual cost of gun violence in the US.  It’s $229 billion each year.  And that’s just the cost in money.  It’s also 30,000 lives.  If ISIS were wreaking that much damage on our soil each year, FOX would be calling for all out war.  But since we do it to ourselves, it’s all good.  Because Realism dictates we focus on the fantasy of portly suburban Texans led by Cliven Bundy warring with the 101st Airborne and driving them back to Washington DC and retaking the White House from the Kenyan Muslim when he comes to put us in Shariah camps, and not on the actual mound of dead bodies that pile up in the US each year.  Gun Realism means looking, not at the dead children of Sandy Hook, but at the theory that the parents of the victims were part of an elaborate conspiracy to fake a school shooting in order to make gun nuts look bad.

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