Good to Have Clarity

Good to Have Clarity August 12, 2015

Signe Wilkinson

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Noodling Leviticus with a Reader
"my fav non-catholic thanksgiving day prayer"

Thanksgiving and the Puritan Paradox
"You can always be counted on to passive-aggressively root for genocide."

Thanksgiving and the Puritan Paradox

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  • Dave G.

    Yeah. Not all crimes are terrorism. That makes sense to me.

  • Andrew Brew

    The “not terrorism” one is “workplace violence”, isn’t it?

  • Guest

    Terrorism implies that the action is part of a larger campaign, or at least in support of some goal that is larger than “kill a bunch of people right now.” It’s not just a synonym for “scary stuff.” The only one from column B that might belong in column A is the Charleston church shooting, and that depends on how seriously you take the perpetrator’s claimed motive.

    • SteveP


      • Guest

        If you say so.

    • Tweck

      It’s hard to know if anything isn’t part of a larger campaign, but IMO anything meant to terrorize (which all mass shootings are, even if they’re one-off incidents perpetrated by deranged people) is an act of terrorism. That’s a personal definition, though. The government likes to create and recreate definitions for things to suit its own purposes, however (see: the mutating definition of the term “torture” to create the perception of legality with regard to the Bush Administration’s ahem “interrogation” techniques)

  • Stu

    All gun free zones.

  • ivan_the_mad

    I think the slogans with which you’ve tagged your post provide a common sense foundation for discussion. The second in particular accords with conservative philosophy on rights. You may find this Senate testimonial of the USCCB’s informative, especially with the references to other episcopal and pontifical documents on the matter.

  • Mark R

    I hate to sound like a crappy theater director, but either category could nor could not be terrorism depending on the motivation of the gunman and what organization is behind him.