Hmmmmm August 12, 2015

This is a pretty ooky:

But this is extraordinarily ooky (watch to the end for the wallop):

The woman in the video says (and I see no particular reason to doubt her) that this is the nickname her recently deceased grandmother called her when she was a little girl and that her four year did not and could not have known that.

Hmmmmmmmm…..  Could be fake.  Could be demonic (evil spirits can reveal to humans things they cannot know naturally).  Could be a divine gift of knowledge.  Thing is, without context and connection to the rest of her story it’s very hard to know what’s going on.

This is why the Church investigates such things when brought to her for discernment.  She neither buys nor rejects such stories wholesale.

But, of course, many such claims of private revelation, both false and real, never get investigated because it never occurs to the person making the claim to submit it to the Church for investigation.

Anyway, weird.

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  • After my newborn daughter died, I used to tell God, “Give Emily a hug and a kiss from me.” One day at the cemetery, while I sat at the grave and my three year old was playing at a distance, he suddenly stopped and ran to me. “I’m supposed to give you a hug.” He ran away again, and in a minute he returned. “Now I’m supposed to give you a kiss.” He never said “kiss” back then — he always said “smooch.”

    You can’t submit something like that to the Church for consideration, and I figure there’s no reason for it to have been demonic (if Satan decides to start comforting grieving moms, the Church will have quite a few other matters for consideration first) so I figure it was probably legit. 🙂

    • Tweck

      That is beautiful! 🙂

  • Tweck

    I saw this – very interesting, and I’m deeply fascinated by these things. My thought is similar to what the Church says about the three types of visions (though this isn’t a vision per se’) – that is should be tested for its purity. That is, what is it saying, how does it make you feel? Does it compel you to sin, or draw you away from the Church or her teachings?

    This appears to me, if it’s not faked, to have a pure message. It doesn’t appear to say anything that would draw the observer into sin or away from the Church. But only the woman in the video really knows if it’s even real.

    I’ve had two encounters in the past 6 months… the first was a *tiny* harmless vision that seemed like a simple invitation to go to Reconciliation a week or two before my reversion. The second was a terrifying post-reversion encounter with the demonic that seemed obviously preternatural. I believe that both happened, and am certain the latter was definitely evil (Satan gets angry when he loses his grip on your soul), and the former was a brief, simple, welcoming encounter with who I believe to be Jesus.

    Obviously either would be difficult for the Church (or anyone but myself) to discern, as they were personal encounters and lack any sort of evidence outside of my own testimony.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Several years ago, my husband had several encounters similar to the second one you describe. He was just starting to become serious about his faith after the sudden death of his mother.

  • anna lisa

    I’ve lost a lot of babies. Two of them were old enough to be buried in Catholic cemeteries (my husband made their coffins), but it was my third miscarriage that nearly unglued me. The baby was due on the exact same day (Dec. 12th) as the 22-week little girl, I’d lost the year before. I saw the baby on ultrasound, with it’s little heart beating loudly, but they told me it was not big enough for it’s gestational age.

    I *stormed* heaven, asking God for that child’s life. He answered me a different way. At the tenth week, I woke up in the middle of the night. I could see a soft light emanating from my abdomen. I sat up in bed, and watched it. My daughter was sleeping peacefully in the daybed beside me (because my husband was away on a business trip). I could see her face through it. It lingered for a short while, undulating upward in a very specific pattern. I just sat there for a while, amazed by what I’d seen.

    The next morning, I called my husband, and told him that I knew the baby had died, and described what I’d seen the night before.