Fascinating to Watch the Left Tell its Base Exactly What the Right Told Us About Romney

Fascinating to Watch the Left Tell its Base Exactly What the Right Told Us About Romney May 4, 2015

Supreme Court!
Most Important Election of our Lifetime!
Don’t be a fool and vote your conscience! Stick with the Party!
A vote for anybody but Hillary is a vote for the enemy!
Shut up and vote Hillary!

The longer I listen to the base of both Lefties and Righties, the more I think they’d like each other and commiserate about their leaders over a beer.

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  • jaybird1951

    I thought the left in the Democratic Party wants Elizabeth Warren or anybody to the left of Hillary. Hillary is more an opportunist than a principled leftist although her core positions, if she has them, are way too lefty for me or the country’s good.

    • jroberts548

      Her positions – tax cuts, welfare cuts, invading random countries, mass incarceration – are certainly not for the country’s good, but it’s unclear how those are leftist positions.

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        I think it’s her enshrinement of abortion as an immutable right that keeps her in the lefty camp. Change that and they’d drop her faster than they shredded Palin.

  • Pete the Greek

    Wait…. there’s an election next year?

  • Pete the Greek

    Fools! FOOLS BE YE!!! Believin’ in a Democrat or a Republican who ain’t never
    brought ya NUTHIN! Now I knows of a team, what gets ya results. Plenty of FISH! Gold thing! And…. mixin’ with folk. And the children born of the mixin’, won’t ever die, except them as is kilt violent but they’ll return to the water in time, to the mother Hydra.

    Yeah, go ahead and laugh, d@mn your eyes! Pete the Greek knows. D@MN YOUR EYES PETE THE GREEK KNOWS!!

  • Andy

    I disagree Mark – they would not commiserate over a beer – they couldn’t agree – the Dems would want to have a foreign made brew (not being American you know) – you know the elitist while the Reps would want to have a brew made by an American company I know – Bud – no owned by inBEV, Coors or Miller owned by SAB. Maybe you are right there is no difference.

    • jroberts548

      Patriotic Republicans drink Belgian beer while pretending they’re supporting America. Cosmopolitan liberals drink local craft-brews.

      • Artevelde


        And this Belgian drinks Spencer Trappist. Massachusetts Abbey Ale according to Belgian (okay maybe French, but don’t let me hear you say that aloud) Cistercian tradition. I can be an elitist liberal, a conservative cheerleader for an ally and trading partner AND support a Catholic monastery, all for the price of a good ale. Why not have it all huh :p

        • Vision_From_Afar

          Because you have to be quasi-hipster to have heard about it? 😉

          • Artevelde

            Not if you’re Belgian 🙂

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        I only drink beer brewed by my brother. Local, custom, and free.

  • Tweck

    My liberal friends have been chastising me for years over the same exact thing. I voted for Nader in 2008 and couldn’t believe the vitriol I received for it, for not “lock-step voting for the lesser evil,” whatever that even means.

    I was banned from the Common Dreams website for daring to argue that Nader was the better candidate while they smeared his name all over the place in their insane militant clamor to funnel all their readers’ votes to the latest Democrat. My participation in the discussion was an obvious affront to their underlying agenda.

    I guess “Common Dreams” is an apt name, though I’ve since decided they should rename it, “Agree With Us About Everything Or Go Away.” The militant left is just as bad as the militant right. And what really makes me crazy is that people call themselves “leftists,” but then go out and vote for the centrist Democrat, who they KNOW is not going to implement the compassionate changes they believe in, like Single Payer healthcare, etc. etc. etc.

  • Elmwood

    interesting that both parties seem to obsess about gay marriage and abortion for votes. the difference is that the liberals are serious about these topics, most of the conservatives are not.

    Hillary is totally the Romney of the left.

  • Dagnabbit_42


    Had McCain won, and served eight years; or, had he served four years and then Romney won, and served four, how would the legal climate now be different in the United States?

    It is reasonable to assume that Sotomayor and Kagan would not be on the bench, and that those on the bench in their places would more closely resemble Alito, Thomas, and Scalia. I cannot say that they would entirely resemble Alito, Thomas, and Scalia; they might be more like Roberts or Kennedy.

    At any rate, the outcomes of court cases returned by a court of a more-conservative makeup would likely be more conservative. There’d be no risk of “gay marriage” being imposed on all the states, for example. There’d be little risk of the court finding that Christians must be driven out of various service industries if they refuse to contribute their talents to celebrating same-sex mutual masturbation. There might be room for an overturn of Roe v. Wade, given the right case.

    Given these kinds of stakes, I don’t see a rational basis for drawing moral equivalency between the two parties and the probable outcomes of their governance. Both are deeply flawed and apt to participate in different kinds of evil; but as we run down the list of society-destroying ideas — ideas which tend to impact the poor most heavily, incidentally! — the leftists strongly embrace the worst ones and the American right weakly embrace the lesser ones.

    None of this requires that a person embrace the GOP with wholesale loyalty. They don’t deserve it. But, given a choice between a serial-killer who embraces killing with verve and wholesale commitment, and one who says it’s wrong but sometimes waffles and makes excuses and ends up doing it anyway? Give me the waffler.