Today’s Work of Mercy: Help Fund a Documentary in Defense of Marriage

Today’s Work of Mercy: Help Fund a Documentary in Defense of Marriage May 5, 2015

Blackstone Films writes:

Back in 2014, we at Blackstone Films released The Third Way, a 40-minute documentary film on the Catholic Church and homosexuality. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics and non-Catholics alike have seen the film, and it was endorsed by prominent Church leaders across the world. But even with the success of The Third Way, we’ve realized that the fight against marriage goes much further than its redefinition.

With the advent of widespread contraception, divorce, pornography, and many more, the matter and ends of marriage as determined by God and defined by His Church are being eroded. Beginning this week, we are embarking on a crucial project with an ambitious goal: we are creating a documentary which will positively and permanently transform our society’s understanding of marriage.

In order to make this film possible, we need to raise $1,000,000 by June 1st, 2015. We fully intend to produce a film of Hollywood quality, and to do that, we need a Hollywood budget (even if it is an incredibly SMALL Hollywood budget). This will allow us to interview some 30 leading experts on the topics listed above, as well as provide stunning visual quality in a compelling 90 minute story. We can’t make this film without your help, however. If you’d like to give toward the production of this project, please visit:

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  • Joseph

    It’s too late in Ireland. Unless a miracle happens, SSM is going to pass in a couple of weeks and the Constitution will actually be changed to enforce it. The Church here has already stated that this means it will be out of the business of legally solemnising marriages during a marriage ceremony… the government has responded by shrugging its shoulders and saying ‘So what?’. Ireland has officially shirked any connection to Catholicism.

  • Irksome1

    I’d be more inclined to support this project if they were to describe to me the sort of “success” that was enjoyed by The Third Way. If this new film is to be culturally transformative in the same way as the former, I’d like to see evidence that it worked in the case of the former; hard numbers. In the absence of that, how do I know I’m performing a work of mercy and not just enabling someone else’s vanity?

    • Newp Ort

      The “40 minute documentary” is in actuality only 38 minutes and 14 seconds. Doesn’t bode well for their forthrightness.

      • chezami

        Oh, brother.

    • Blackstone Films

      Thank you for your concerns. We have heard from many people who have accepted (or re-accepted) Catholicism because of The Third Way, as well as from those who embraced chastity after being moved by the film. However, we haven’t chosen to spend time seeking these people out and trying to quantify them. Instead, we’re focusing on our passion – sharing the true, the good, and the beautiful with as many people as we can.

      • Darren

        Hmmm, only $12k in pledges; maybe you could not sell pizza to a gay wedding or something….

  • Darren

    Give us a million dollars to make a 40 minute info-mercial that will “…positively and permanently transform our society…”?

    Sometimes I can’t tell if you are endorsing the views you quote or mocking them…

    Considering the dubious claims, the amount involved, and your strong and consistent commitment to various worthy social-justice type causes (which could make far better use of those funds), I assume mocking…