All animals are equal, but rich California animals are more equal than others

All animals are equal, but rich California animals are more equal than others June 16, 2015

Whiny rich narcissists whine narcissistically:

Drought or no drought, Steve Yuhas resents the idea that it is somehow shameful to be a water hog. If you can pay for it, he argues, you should get your water.

People “should not be forced to live on property with brown lawns, golf on brown courses or apologize for wanting their gardens to be beautiful,” Yuhas fumed recently on social media. “We pay significant property taxes based on where we live,” he added in an interview. “And, no, we’re not all equal when it comes to water.”

Meanwhile, at Rancho del Compendium of the Church’s Social Doctrine:

The principle of the universal destination of goods also applies naturally to water, considered in the Sacred Scriptures as a symbol of purification (cf. Ps 51:4; Jn 13:8) and of life (cf. Jn 3:5; Gal 3:27). “As a gift from God, water is a vital element essential to survival; thus, everyone has a right to it”.[1009] Satisfying the needs of all, especially of those who live in poverty, must guide the use of water and the services connected with it. Inadequate access to safe drinking water affects the well-being of a huge number of people and is often the cause of disease, suffering, conflicts, poverty and even death. For a suitable solution to this problem, it “must be set in context in order to establish moral criteria based precisely on the value of life and the respect for the rights and dignity of all human beings”.

“By its very nature water cannot be treated as just another commodity among many, and it must be used rationally and in solidarity with others. The distribution of water is traditionally among the responsibilities that fall to public agencies, since water is considered a public good. If water distribution is entrusted to the private sector it should still be considered a public good. The right to water, as all human rights, finds its basis in human dignity and not in any kind of merely quantitative assessment that considers water as a merely economic good. Without water, life is threatened. Therefore, the right to safe drinking water is a universal and inalienable right.

The guiding principle here is simple, As the Compendium also says: “Christian tradition has never recognized the right to private property as absolute and untouchable: ‘On the contrary, it has always understood this right within the broader context of the right common to all to use the goods of the whole of creation: the right to private property is subordinated to the right to common use, to the fact that goods are meant for everyone’.” Systems that make water available at a profit are fine, just as long as those who cannot pay for this elementary and fundamental right are not cut off. In such cases, some other way of covering the cost must be found.

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  • Andy

    And this is a surprise – why? It strikes me that this is an extension of research ,, among many would indicate that the rich do not see the needs of others as something of importance because they cannot see feel what others feel at a visceral level. This lack of feeling at the visceral level makes it real hard to see past brown golf courses…

  • PalaceGuard

    I’m surprised to hear the whining from Rancho Santa Fe. They used to have a much greater sense of richesse oblige over there. Now, from La Jolla, I *would* expect it. Perhaps the writer confuse RSF with Fairbanks Ranch.

  • Mark R

    California water is actually purchased from Washington state utilities…which begs the question, why does anyone expect to live in California as if it were not a desert. It is a desert plain and simple. Why would anyone have moved there in the first place?

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      The gold in them thar hills, I suppose.

    • Andy

      A friend and I have marveled at moving to a desert to settle and then expect water to be readily available. Sort of like resorts of Las Vegas and Reno which I have read are now experiencing water issues. I guess it shows money can’t buy everything.

      • Another article I read about water consumption out there focused on the movement to cover property with native plants that do well in that climate, rather than grass or other efforts to make California and Arizona look like New England. They interviewed an assortment of people who had an assortment of opinions, including one mother (originally from Chicago) who insisted that children needed grass to play on, and to grow up without grass was a deprivation. If you feel that strongly about grass, why are you moving to a desert?

        • Andy

          I read about the movement to use “desert: plants – it seems logical and sane, but that is why many folks are fighting the idea.

          • Rebecca Fuentes

            I’ve seen pictures of yards done this way–they can be quite beautiful. I think it’s called xeriscaping.

            • Andy

              I had never heard that word before thank you for sharing it with me. I

              • Rebecca Fuentes

                I’ve looked into it for my area, since we can swing from a good, wet year to drought quite easily. It’s different plants, to survive our winters, but interesting to look-up.

        • Andy

          I was thinking about the grass – probably people who expect it in the desert know little of basic biology.

    • anna lisa

      Haha, there are plenty of reasons to live in California. Why else would so many people be so “house poor” here?

      Our city just built a slew of title 8 housing for the poor that looks like the million dollar condo developments. (Fountains, courtyards, palms and climbing vines…) I received a phone call yesterday that breakfast and lunch will be served free of cost to anyone who wishes to eat “delicious home cooked meals, for breakfast and lunch, free of charge, Monday through Saturday, at 10 different locations throughout the city.” I can’t honestly think of one reason why people from all over aren’t flocking here.

      California has many different water sources. Much of it comes from the snow pack in the Sierras. Some of it comes from the Colorado River. It is not just an irrigated desert. There are beautiful forests too.
      I just read that the reservoirs are three quarters full in Marin county because they had some decent rain. Marin is gorgeous and lush.

      The problem is the jet stream. As I understand it, it is parked in such a way that it has created a high pressure system that won’t allow the rain systems in. The entire winter here was like living in a resort town that never went to off season. It was consistently in the 70s and 80s throughout the winter. We were swimming in the ocean without wet suits even in Dec. Jan. Feb. March. Warm El nino currents brought up tropical fish and sea life. Why would anyone want to live here? Lol. Because it’s gorgeous, and temperate.

      The last time we had a drought of this magnitude (early ’90s)Santa Barbara built a de-sal plant, (which cost millions)but the following winter we had record breaking rain, and didn’t use it. It wasn’t maintained, and was ruined. They dismantled it, and sold off the salvageable parts. It looks like we will be building another one, hopefully with better stewardship!

      Nothing is really brown or dry here yet. A golf course near my home built it’s own reservoir and pumping station, so this time, (unlike 25 years ago) the fairways are green. More and more people are landscaping with beautiful drought resistant plants. The effect can be quite lush and beautiful.

      Some estates with massive lawns pay for tanker trucks of water because money is no object. That poor sap down in Rancho Santa Fe obviously can’t keep up with some of the Jones’. Poor baby.

      • Anna Maria

        Are you mentally ill?

        • anna lisa

          On a scale of 1 to 10?

          • Anna Maria

            That was a rhetorical question…

            Why do you make all these whacked out assumptions about people who live in California just because you live in California? Plus, you’re not exactly correct about the current “lushness” of certain areas of California.

            I mean…it’s hard to believe you really live in this state at all, the things you say.

            You really do come across as seriously mentally ill.

            • anna lisa

              Well Anna Maria,
              In my experience on blogs, people who don’t know each other and resort to such accusations are indulging in trollish behavior, which falls in the whacked out category.
              aka being mentally ill.

              Yes, Marin County is lush. (lived there over a decade and visit frequently, daughter goes to school in SF)
              The border of California and Oregon is lush (son goes to school there)
              Lived in L.A. for a while (dry)
              Went to school one year in San Diego(dry)
              Have lived on the central coast most of my life (mixed)
              Have a sibling in SB wine country (mostly dry)
              Have a sibling in Palm Springs area (very, very dry)

              My point is that CA is very, very different in different areas and you can’t characterize it by calling it a “desert that gets all of it’s water from WA. That is laughably ignorant.

              Me? I’m probably .5 on the mentally ill scale–particularly since I’ve started weighing in on blogs where any nut, fruit or flake can weigh in about anything.
              –No, I’m not talking about you in particular. I don’t believe in making those kinds of attacks upon other human beings.

              • Anna Maria

                Like hell you don’t. Jeez, I’m sitting in Marin right now and the effects of the drought are obvious.

                But you know everything.

                • anna lisa

                  Who said there wasn’t a drought?
                  The pictures in the article made it look like weather Armageddon.
                  It actually has a name, it’s called “weather porn”.
                  People love to be shocked and horrified. That’s why the weather channel has such huge ratings. They’d be so disappointed if they saw all of the green that I’m sitting and looking at right now in SB. (–but relieved to see the dry lake bed) 🙁
                  Yes, the water bill is scary…
                  Desal plant is going to cost 45 million…

                  (And you’re a sweetie yourself :)!) lol

                  • Anna Maria

                    Omigod. Get help.

                    • anna lisa

                      What most trolls resort to. lol

                    • anna lisa

                      Interesting–I didn’t know that Patheos has an automatic filter for people who let loose with a string of vulgarities.

                      Anyhow, that was an amusing, pathological rant. But it didn’t even turn up here. You didn’t need to be flagged or your comment deleted.

                      Cool. Good to know, but too bad your true colors aren’t here to attest to your twisted character.

                      I’ve always been of the opinion that angry people are their own worst enemy–and hey–(I’m not mocking you) I really am sorry about whatever it is that makes you go off the rails like that. Glad you don’t have my address! (shiver!) Go take a walk in the fresh air or something. If you really do live in Marin (can u blame me if you come off as hardly credible?) there are plenty of nice trails to go hike. 🙂 🙂 🙂

                    • Anna Maria

                      Anna Lisa, EVERYONE has your address. You’ve broadcast it to the world through your long, long, loooooong self-involved blatherings. Hell, we know where you live, where your kids go to school, both the younger ones and older ones. People like you are a danger to their own families.

                      I deleted my own response out of a momentary feeling of pity for you, but that’s gone now. Forever.

                      Have an awesome life in your bizarro fantasy world. You’re a sad, materialistic, delusional old woman. I honestly feel sorry for your family.


                    • anna lisa

                      Ah, now I know who you are. Makes sense.
                      Anyhow, *My* life is “bizzaro”? Lol!

                    • anna lisa

                      Oh. And one last thing. I’m writing a book about my life and adventures in Marin, and it won’t be under a pseudonym! 🙂
                      Nice try on the threats about where I live, lovely one!

                    • Anna Maria

                      It’s not a “threat”. Just stop putting your info out there if you’re going to be so nasty to people all the time, at least for your kids’ sake. You’re so high on bragging about yourself and dropping hints about how much money you make and how big and expensive your house is that you forget you’re leaving huge signposts to your front door.

                      Go ahead and write your book. I’m sure it’ll be a national bestseller. /eyeroll

                    • anna lisa

                      I don’t own a big expensive house, in fact I don’t own one at all. I don’t even own furniture.–And I don’t mind! But you know that already.

                      About the book–It’s just so sleazy. I already have a publisher lined up, but I’ve struggled with my conscience about a lot of personal details, and what makes people–especially abuse victims tick, and then in turn abuse others pathologically. It’s kind of depressing too, no?

                    • Anna Maria

                      Anna Lisa, no one has a publisher lined up when they don’t even have a manuscript yet. No one. Sigh. Please. Just stop. You’re crazy. And that IS depressing up to a point, except that your narcissism ends up trumping any pity people feel for you.

                      But you go back to writing your sleazy book about your life in Marin. I’m sure your “publisher” is waiting with bated breath…

                    • anna lisa

                      “Anna Maria” (why don’t you just use your name?) I’ve been working on it for some time now. It isn’t a sleazy book, it just delves into how wounded people, who have been systematically abused by those in a position of power, turn around and victimize others, employing the same tactics that were used against them. It’s nonfiction. Nonfiction can be more brutal and sleazy then anything I could conjure up in my worst nightmare. Ask your husband about his worst nightmares. He shared them rather candidly with us

                      This exchange just galvanizes my resolve to be as brutally honest as possible. Your. ex-husband. behaved. like. a. wolf.
                      You. behaved. like. a. wolf.
                      You were paid in the same currency that you bought your bogus marriage with.
                      Do you think I’m blind, your brothers are blind, his ex-wife is blind?
                      Was your sexual relationship with your brother your final trump card to get everyone to pity you? To guilt someone into understanding why you treated everyone including the woman who gave you birth the way you did? Yes, you were abused –yes.
                      But not when you were an adult–at that point you’d learned the tricks of the trade.

                      You used it for power. You needed a special relationship with your other brother too, Remember?
                      You expressed this candidly to two of my children.
                      He wants *nothing* to do with you–like this. He pities you. He thinks you’re a monster.

                      17 children were treated ruthlessly, and their trauma needs to be *validated* too.

                      I laughed in your ex-husband’s face when he told me that he’s a love addict, not a sex addict. For the sake of your children I hope he can stop, and learn to love you for the sake of those three beautiful children. I have little hope though. Your vicious words and behavior mean *you* are not changed by what you went through. You are simply meaner than ever, and their father will only stick around if you stick around the way you are now, pleasing him, and bowing as an “ex”… cooking what he likes and looking the other way when it comes to his proclivities.

                      I honestly hope things change for the two of you. I wish you no harm–only goodness and happiness. You forced me to speak the truth.

                      Really, what you have done here is liberate me to write the book in a way that would give some closure–fill in the details. My conscience hurt me too much to do it. That’s what it lacked–details. But after what he did to Marsella’s four children, your children *deserve* to know what happened.

                      My father told me to write the story,–he keeps pushing me to work on it. My confessor Fr. Joe gave me his blessing when I told him what I was doing. My brother offered to bring *any* good manuscript to his publisher.

                      I need to finish it, just like I write here.–as a form of dealing with a trauma.

                      I will just write the facts. There will be no vindictive words, just the truth, as we experienced it. I think it will help me. It will help my incredibly beautiful husband, and my eight *innocent* children, that have all had to suffer because of what you and your ex actively do to objectify others.

                      Please, please don’t write me back. Your behavior has impacted me, and my family too much already. Please just go off to your new home, in your new everything, where you think you can escape the sordid story, and leave us alone.

                      If you ever humble yourself we will be waiting to welcome you back.

                      If you choose not to?

                      –Same story. We’ve already shaken the dust from our feet. Your mother hasn’t though. She will take your knife in her back to her grave, and weeps about it to this day.

                      You are a cruel, proud woman. That’s what he says about you. He also uses that word you called me.

                    • Anna Maria

                      Tell me again that you’re not batshit crazy…go ahead..

                      You’re ridiculous.

                      Maybe CPS needs a copy of that and then they can visit your house and check on your kids. If you even really have any.

                    • anna lisa

                      You wish that upon me don’t you?
                      but who is — crazy?
                      My conscience is free and my husband is my one and *only*. My Lord and my God is first in every choice I have made. Live with *your* choices.
                      You speak like the one you represent.

                      I don’t care who you are or what it is. If you aren’t Petula–it doesn’t matter. It helps me with the closure of all the abuse my family has endured at the hands of abusers who take pleasure in the abuse of power over others.

                      If you aren’t Petula, than you are part of the chaos of being a hater and an individual who loves the destruction of others.
                      May God correct you in all of his loving Goodness.