Fr. Robert Barron on Laudato Si

Fr. Robert Barron on Laudato Si June 19, 2015

Typically intelligent commentary:

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Francis and the Schismatic Wannabes
"Don't worry, I will be back. It is not really capitulating, but being flexible in ..."

Francis and the Schismatic Wannabes
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Francis and the Schismatic Wannabes
"Sorry to see graciousness—you— capitulate to stupidity. But I understand."

Francis and the Schismatic Wannabes

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  • Elmwood

    Thanks Mark.

    JRR Tolkien had it nailed with Mordor vs. the Shire–the domination of creation vs. the cultivation. unfortunately we went the route of Mordor over the Shire.

  • Mike

    Let’s not forget that hundreds of millions of ppl in africa and s america and asia couldn’t care less about the political points scoring game called “global warming” that we play here on our ipads etc. but have real concerns about what our rampant materialism is doing to their ability to raise families and earn enough money to feed them…we’re so obsessed in the west with our ourselves!

    Francis knows full well what socialism brings which is hell on earth but as JP2 who warned newly free eastern europe of the evil temptations of consumerism, he is also warning us what our materialism leads to…it leads to atheism and the destruction of the planet and in the process the natural family.

    • Yep– but I trust these countries to have learned by now, to paraphrase, “Beware of advanced capitalists bearing cash.”

      • Mike

        and ppl say that the age of colonialism is over.

    • Jamesthelast

      Indeed, we are so obsessed with our selves and our current pleasures that we’re willing to ruin the earth for everyone.

      • Mike

        we live in a throwaway culture…we throw away stuff, lives, families spouses…and on and on and on.

  • Dave Starr

    Michael Voris is going to steal this insight