Am at Retina Specialists Northwest this AM for Jan’s eye

Am at Retina Specialists Northwest this AM for Jan’s eye June 19, 2015

So Jan was off doing her customary work of selfless generosity to a friend yesterday when she noticed something in her left eye’s field of vision. When she got in bright sunlight it became pronounced. “Squiggles” like somebody had taken a magic marker to the world. She can see well enough to read with no troubles and could drive herself to the doctor, but it scared her bad and she was pretty woggly when she got home last night. They told her to see a retina specialist stat, so here we are. (Thanks be to God Washington Apple Health covers this. So: thanks President Obama and Obamacare. Credit where it is due!)

The docs think its a detached retina, but she is in there having an exam (and possible laser treatment as I understand it) right now. Your prayers are *deeply* appreciated. Both Jan and I have been profoundly moved by the outpouring of love. I don’t know how to thank youse guys adequately for it. She is the love of my life and when you love her, you fill my heart. So God love you guys for your goodness to her.

Please continue your prayers. We’re not out of the woods yet.

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