It’s Part II of the Catholic Religion Quiz!

It’s Part II of the Catholic Religion Quiz! June 12, 2015

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  • OverlappingMagisteria

    Woohoo! 100% on both. Does that make me a perfect Catholic?

    • D.T. McCameron

      It’s the living it that’s the trick.
      “What doth it profit thee to enter into deep discussion concerning the Holy Trinity, if thou lack humility, and be thus displeasing to the Trinity? For verily it is not deep words that make a man holy and upright; it is a good life which maketh a man dear to God. I had rather feel contrition than be skilful in the definition thereof. ” The Imitation of Christ, Ch 3, Thomas A. Kempis

  • Petey

    I am now 200% Catholic.

    • Dan13

      So I guess you weren’t stuck in limbo? :p

      • Petee

        I’m freeeeeeee!