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Some Perspective June 19, 2015

St. Paul to US Christians who shriek that Obama is the Antichrist: I knew Nero. Nero was a Caesar of mine. And Obama is no Nero. If I can pray for Nero. You can pray for Obama.

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  • ManyMoreSpices

    And of course “pray for ____” doesn’t mean “pray that _____ gets the stuff he wants.”

    • capaxdei

      Nor does it mean “pray that ______ gets what I say he’s got coming to him.”

      You can’t hate someone you pray for, and you can’t pray for someone you hate.

      (That’s the generic “you,” not “you, ManyMoreSpices.”)

  • prairiebunny

    I never heard anyone shriek that Obama was the Antichrist.
    I must not get around very much.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      They’re over it. Now Francis and his encyclical are the antichrist. Keep up with the freak-out! 😉

      • Alma Peregrina

        It’s because they are ill-catechized. If they knew the Book of Revelation they would know that the Antichrist comes with the False Prophet that leads people astray into the clutches of the former. So they would realize that there is no contradiction in the roles of Obama and Francis.

  • Bear Fact

    Obama was elected by 59% of voters in America. ‘Nuff said?

    • ManyMoreSpices

      If he had been elected by 66.6%, that might give me pause…

      • Bear Fact

        Then you would see Pennsylvania Avenue flambe