New Testament Scholar N.T. Wright takes the Jesus Seminar Apart…

New Testament Scholar N.T. Wright takes the Jesus Seminar Apart… July 22, 2015

piece by piece until there is nothing left of this fraudulent scam.

Fun reading for those of us who care about serious biblical scholarship.

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  • R. Zell

    Hi Mark,

    N. T. Wright is one of my favorite biblical scholars. I’ve already read 3 of his master works. I’m waiting for his conversion to Catholicism. What an asset to the Christian world. His paper titled Justification: Yesterday, Today and Forever is excellent (ETS 2010; Wheaton Theological College).
    It was a shame that Tom Wright and John Piper never debated over the New Perpective on Paul. The debate was held with Thomas L. Schreiner and Frank Thielman In November 2011 and is well worth listening too.


    Ron Sr.

    • AquinasMan

      Be very careful with N.T. Wright. He does not believe in the Particular Judgment, nor Purgatory (expectedly), but also teaches that hell is a state of existence in which a person becomes sub-human through their sins, and essentially judges themselves into some sort of quasi-hell-on-earth (thereby removing God as the just Judge), but even more astonishing:

      “that a human being who continually and with settled intent worships that which is not God can ultimately cease completely to bear God’s image.”

      That’s easy-peasy heresy. Even the souls of the damned give glory to God by the mere fact they were made in His image. No soul ever ceases in its innate goodness, because all souls were created immortally in His image. This is what makes the reality of Hell so heartbreaking. Even the worst of the damned bear this dignity, and are yet eternally separated from the vision of He Who made them. Instead, Wright infers that the image of God is somehow corruptible. So… you might be waiting a while for that conversion.

      I owned Wright’s book on the Resurrection and found it interesting; there is much that is useful in the way of understanding Jewish history and the compelling evidence, but after surveying his total work, I realized that someone who can get the afterlife *so wrong* is not a trustworthy exegete. And then I realized I was searching for wisdom in someone who cannot identify the One True Faith in spite of all his scholarly work.


  • ManyMoreSpices

    What I like best about Historical Jesus is that Historical Jesus is always ready to validate my choices, endorse my views, tell my opponents that they’re wrong, and inform people who point out that I’m doing evil that they can’t judge me. Historical Jesus stands ready to kick ass with a bullwhip when I need to justify war and to officiate at a gay wedding when I need to justify butt sex. Is there anything Historical Jesus can’t do?

    Historical Jesus is the December 26 through Thanksgiving version of The True Meaning of Christmas: only a tenuous connection to the Son of Man, lots of feel-good platitudes and warm fuzzies.

  • mikemorley

    Many years ago, I read a truly wonderful book by Charlotte Allen called “The Human Christ: the Search for the Historical Jesus,” a history of various efforts, like those of the Jesus Seminar, to discern the “real Jesus.” In every instance, the “real Jesus” turned out to be a mirror image of the person doing the looking. Same phenomenon that Bishop Wright sees in his critique of the Seminar.

  • AquinasMan

    Heretic takes down heretics. Film at 11.