Updated Prayer for Kreed

Updated Prayer for Kreed July 8, 2015

A reader writes:

Can you post one more updated prayer request for Kreed? He was released from the hospital over the weekend but had to go back into the PICU after only a couple of days. For some reason, possibly his severe sleep apenea, his oxygen levels are extremely low and he has to be on oxygen at all times. It seems his regression and rages may have been caused by this– when most people would pass out from low oxygen, he seems to start raging with almost superhuman strength and throws furniture. The doctors assume he suffered a hypoxic brain injury from never having enough oxygen. He’s now in the PICU, on oxygen and sedatives and restraints. Fortunately he was able to communicate through his speech device enough to help the doctors diagnose that he’s had nonstop migraines for a week, so they have him on migraine medicine as well. His parents are devastated because his personality is totally changed and even when he’s not raging he hates them and wants to hurt them. Kreed used to be a very affectionate and pleasant child, even with all of his struggles, and they have no idea if he’ll ever be like that again.

Father, hear our prayer for complete healing for Kreed and, in particular, a return to peace for him and for his parents who love him and seek only what is best for him. Take away his pain and turmoil and give him the peace of Christ. Mother Mary, and his guardian angel, pray for him, his caregivers, and all who love him. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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