Mercer Island School District Bans Playing Tag

Mercer Island School District Bans Playing Tag September 26, 2015

to protect the physical and emotional well-being of The Children[TM].

This is such an uber-Seattle thing to do.  Now they will be free to pursue a life of fragile orchidhood with their cell phones and their junk food and nobody will make them feel inadequate over their obesity, lack of muscle tone, and inability to cope with the thought that inequality of speed, coordination, and game scores exist in the world.  Self-esteem is the summum bonum.

Update: The ban has been lifted, but in true uber-Seattle fashion, the district stated, “Our school principals and teachers will work with our students as they imagine and develop new games for play.” Because kids totally need state professionals to help them figure out Play Strategies, Goals, and Objectives.

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  • Joseph

    It’s terrible, but your lovely way with words almost made me spit out my coffee. Unlike, some of those who comment here I love your sense of irony and sarcasm. Lol.

  • Dave G.

    It’s not a Seattle thing. It’s a modern thing. Same sort of things happens in our school districts all the way over in the Midwest. Like my sons say, the promise of moderns is that the universe exists to celebrate me, give me everything I want, and ensure I’ll never get bruised elbows.

  • Sherry

    Proof of a culture that hates children, is the banning of experiencing childhood.

  • Joshua Benson

    Everyone gets a participation prize. There are no winners! Yea!!!

  • Sue Korlan

    Here there’s been a ban on tag in the public schools for years. Kids hitting kids can lead to fights, even in elementary schools. They are encouraged to run around as much as possible, but to keep their hands to home, as they said when I was young.

  • Mark R

    It is an overrated suburb, but one of its main selling features is that it is a nice place to raise children. One drawback is that a lot of them are too coddled.

  • Tom G

    Dear All,

    On behalf of those of us in the legal profession who are upset at those lawyers who have played a part in causing this, we are really sorry. Please pray for lawyers. We need rescuing from cynicism on a daily basis.