Scott Eric Alt Takes Apart the Cold Heartlessness…

Scott Eric Alt Takes Apart the Cold Heartlessness… September 8, 2015

of the Right’s latest Court Prophet for Cruelty to the Alien, the Orphan, and the Widow, John Zmirak.

Scott represents what is best in the Faith, as does Pope Francis:

I hope and pray his voice will be heeded and not the kind of thinking that looks at drowned toddlers and admires Pam Geller as a real hero for attacking his parents.

The desperate who are coming here, like the desperate coming to Europe, are desperate.  And they are, in both cases. fleeing nightmare at home that are, in good measure, our creation.  We have a responsibility to them in both justice and charity.

Meanwhile, in Germany, an Evangelical Church confronts Fortress Christians with a new concept: evangelism.  As hundreds of Muslims seek baptism, some of us propose this novel concept “What if, instead of treating refugees as invaders, Christians regarded them as human beings and men and women for whom Christ died? What if we tried that?  Suppose we extend to drowning toddlers (and even their other family members) the same passion for innocent human life we seem increasingly to reserve only to the unborn?  Suppose we stop using the unborn as human shields for our nativist bigotry and stop spouting filth like “Amnesty Equals Abortion” to rationalize our contempt for the desperate?”

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