The Pajama Game

The Pajama Game September 7, 2015

As a token of exalted felicitations of the day, here is the trailer for “The Pajama Game” a cheery Warner Brothers musical from the days when the idea of a living wage was common sense and nobody thought Doris Day was a communist for expecting one:

Trivia: the male lead, John Raitt, is Bonnie Raitt’s father. A good Netflix rental with lots of great songs.

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  • Donna

    My high school did this show when I was a sophomore. I was in the chorus, and I can still sing a lot of it by heart. ( “When you’re racing with the clock/ when you’re racing with the clock/ And the second hand /Doesn’t understand/That your back may break/ And your fingers ache/And your constitution isn’t made of rock/ It’s a losing race when you’re racing with the/ Racing with the/Racing with the clock !”)