A chance to do a work of Mercy…

A chance to do a work of Mercy… October 2, 2015

…by supporting Joann’s Robideau’s recovery.

Heres Joann’s story:

Joann Robideau is my soon to be mother in law I will be getting married to her son Shawn Robideau 10/30/15. The wedding date won’t change the connection / bond I have with Joann, because since the first day I met her she welcomed me with open arms. She took me in as if I were her own child. 
Joann is the type of woman who would give you the shirt off her back no questions asked. If you needed something Joann had it, and would give it to you no questions asked. Whatever it was you needed Joann would literally order / force you to take it. That’s how generous she is. 
Joann is the woman who always donates to every charity box you walk past when going into a store. When ringing out at the grocery store “Would you like to donate a $1 to hunger?” she did Joann ALWAYS donated to anything / everything when asked. She never said no as she knew her donation could make someones life a little bit brighter. She is the one who always attended the fundraisers to help someone in need. 
Joann works as a day care aid full time for the Bristol Boys and Girls Club. She takes care of infants and toddlers during the school year. Snow, rain, or shine she is ALWAYS there for those kids to greet them with a warm smile. She never calls in sick and is known for refusing to miss work. 
During my wedding planning Joann was there to hear me vent about all my wedding drama, no matter what it was (or how annoying the story was) she there for me.
In August just 2 months before my wedding Joann unexpectedly became VERY sick. She had emergency surgery in August to clear a blockage in her heart just 6 days before my bridal shower. Joann was there for my bridal shower she said “I wouldn’t miss it for the world as you know I have always wanted a daughter”. Joann even went in early to help my mother set up decorations for my bridal shower! thats house kind she is.
Shortly after Joann’s (first emergency surgery yes first) was told by her doctor that she had a tumor on her bladder and needed it removed right away. They removed the tumor from her bladder 9/14/15 and the test results came back as cancerous. They removed the entire tumor but as many cancer survivors know cancer can come back. Joann STILL was staying positive though and kept up her positive attitude “dont worry about this your wedding is coming up its going to be so much fun!” is what she kept saying to me.
Then things turned for the worse 9/28/2015 Joann was not herself and had been feeling very sick all day. She was feeling weak and complained of sever pain in her lower stomach. At 3am Joann’s husband Brian Robideau rushed her to Bristol hospital. 
Wednesday 9/29/15 Joann was rushed into emergency surgery for the second time. She was bleeding internally from the incision on her bladder where the tumor was removed. The incision had tore back open causing Joann to bleed internally. During surgery joann was required to have 2 blood transfusions to keep her alive. 
During all of this Joann and her husband Brian Robideau have kept a positive attitude. Even while in the hospital during recovery Joann and Brian talked about how they are so excited for our up coming wedding. Joann will be out of work for over a month and that is of course causing her some stress / worry.
Joann and Brian have always been there and now it’s time others to be there for them. 
We are hoping to reach our goal to cover their medical bills and other daily expenses while she recovers. Even if we do not reach our goal any amount donated will help and be greatly appreciated. God bless you all for taking the time to read this. 

May the Lord speed the day when extremely ill people do not have to busk on the internet for medical care in the richest nation on earth. Grant us a health care system where people are simply taken care of when they need it, as in civilized countries.

Thank you guys for your amazing generosity!

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