The Crusader Rifle

The Crusader Rifle October 7, 2015

Gun Cult member advocates rifle that he thinks will give Muslims cooties and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. And “only in America” moment that you could not possibly make up:

Seem like this is a good day for the *real* weapon of our warfare: the Holy Rosary. Our Lady of Lepanto, ora pro nobis.

"Oh! That sounds intriguing. May it all work out well!"

Weighed Down by Irony
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Weighed Down by Irony
"I hope there's a heaven for you, Marthe. :)"

Weighed Down by Irony

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  • Re_Actor

    rifle that he thinks will give Muslims cooties

    Given that crowds of Muslim migrants have spurned bottled water because the containers were marked with the Red Cross, maybe it’s not such a dumb idea.

    Seem like this is a good day for the *real* weapon of our warfare: the Holy Rosary. Our Lady of Lepanto, ora pro nobis.


    Gun upon gun, ha! ha!
    Gun upon gun, hurrah!
    Don John of Austria
    Has loosed the cannonade.

  • CJ

    Ironic that you invoked Our Lady of Lepanto. One of the Holy League’s biggest tactical advantages was that they used guns as their primary weapons, whereas the Turks were using swords and bows.

  • Re_Actor
    • Pete the Greek

      Can’t believe that! Why did they have to include weapons in these images???

      Why didn’t anyone destroy the….. National Matchlock Association, I guess it would have been?… back in the Middle Ages before it corrupted and destroyed Europe with its love of violence?!?!

      My wife and I did have our parish priest bless our CC firearms, though. And for any of you DNDers who may be reading this, NO, that doesn’t mean they have a +1 to hit.

      • Nate Winchester

        What? Then I’m totally going to the Orthadox. They promised their bishop’s blessing gets me at LEAST a +2.

        • Pete the Greek

          Yeah, but they don’t tell you that in that case it becomes Lawful aligned. So, if you’re Chaotic Good or Neutral, good luck ever picking it up again.

  • Pete the Greek

    This isn’t new. I can pretty much guarantee the guys in the video don’t believe it either. It seems too many people aren’t smart enough to recognize a gimmick. Let me guess, all of you actually think the sellers of specialty can openers really believe that oceans of blood are spilled every day from people slashing themselves open on cans opened with old fashioned openers, right? Yeah, thought so.

    Here’s what few of you seem to know about the current firearm market in the US: It’s MASSIVELY glutted with AR/AK variants. At the start of 2013 you couldn’t get an AR unless you were willing to shell out THOUSANDS of dollars, even for shoddy knockoffs or frankenguns. Everyone was panic buying. Now for the rest of you on this blog who also seem not to understand economics, this creates something called ‘demand’. Supply shot up to match eventually. Right now the cost of AR rifles is shooting down to the floor again and they are widely available. But demand has been slacking off quite a bit. I meant there’s only so many ARs you can realistically own. At this point even WalMart announced they will no longer be carrying AR rifles in their stores. Their reason? Not enough demand for them to carry any supply, as right now demand is swinging back heavily toward standard lever and bolt guns.

    What that means is, just like any other market, from vitamins to cars, this happens in, sellers try to think of any gimmick they can to try to sell them. This is just one of those. In fact, it’s not even the most silly I’ve seen.

    To compare: Handguns and revolvers are still being sold at a brisk pace (one of the largest markets for firearms in the US is women who are first time buyers) and as you would expect, the gimmick sales for them are pretty much non-existent.

    Sooooo, lighten up, Francis. The Templars aren’t going to parade through Seattle calling you to go free Jerusalem any time soon.