The Great Pie Fight

The Great Pie Fight October 7, 2015

I believe the world needs more of this:

One of the great comedies of the 60s.

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  • Dave G.

    The strangest thing. In one of those moments when you first wake up and your mind is going all over the place – or at least mine does – I thought about a charity thing we’re doing at work (pie in a manager’s face to raise money) and how you never see pie fights in movies anymore. And I thought of this very scene. Strange to see it here.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Root cause of Hollywood’s insipid banality is most certainly a lack of pie fights.

  • wendyjoseph

    Oh, look! A Tea Party! Or, another day in Congress, in which nothing gets done! Put all the inane politicians in this scene! I see Marco, and Sarah, and Jeb, and Donald, and–oh dear, the names are escaping me.

  • Jim Peavy

    “Push the button, Max!”

  • Smitty

    Monster pie fight scene, lost for decades, rediscovered in 2015!

  • Smitty

    “The Battle of the Century” is a silent short film starring American comedy double act Laurel and Hardy. The film is famous for using over 3,000 cream pies. The complete reel was rediscovered in 2015 — Wikipedia