Analyzing the SPECTRE trailer

Analyzing the SPECTRE trailer November 6, 2015

For the Bond Nerd in your life.

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  • Andrew Pardue

    To paraphrase Bishop Olmsted ‘Bond is pathetic’ why do we glorify this phony man.

    • Pete the Greek

      Hmmm.. let’s see: He gets to go around the world, meet interesting people, kill them, blow up stuff with impunity, gets all the ladies, has awesome gadgets like flamethrower cars and rocket packs, wears a suit and tux in ways that you can only wish you could,…. shall I go on?

      How about because it’s an awesome action/adventure character and maybe you should realize it’s just something called a ‘movie’ and therefore entertainment. How’s about that?

      • Andrew Pardue

        So if this was a film series where everything was the same except the characters genders where swapped and a female family member say a daughter or sister said “I want to be just like agent 007 Janet Bond” you would be happy with that.

        You could think of it another way. Bond is a fantasy character someone, who is portrayed as a model of manhood. Our sons will probably come to realize that most of it, is unrealistic, but they will want to still be a manwhore like James Bond. So hear hear to another 50 years of selling the manwhore model of manhood. Hey, just think of where our culture is going, good ole James will be getting all the men as well, woo hoo. The next Bond will have that 3 way of 007, Q and Moneypenny, let that image burn in your brain. It will be a remake of “Goldfinger”.

        • Pete the Greek

          LOL! In later years if a daughter of mine watched an old James Bond(ette) movie, she wouldn’t say that anyway. This is because I raise my children to know the difference between silly, dramatic movies and reality, a challenge you seem to think is insurmountable.

          ” but they will want to still be a manwhore like James Bond.”
          – If your sons become manwhores because they watched a James Bond film, that says nothing about the power of a fictionalized character to incite debauchery and everything about you having failed as a father. So… your fault, actually.

          I bet you’re a hoot a parties, were you ever to actually attend one. You have no profile picture, but I picture you with a typical SSPXer look and feel, perhaps angrily pontificating over with a lemonade in your hand (no demon liquor will pass your lips) about how every time kids are tempted to go to those demonic cinemas they should go to confession!!

          Meanwhile, here’s something just for you. Totally fine, I promise. Or…. is IT A TEMPTATION FROM THE DEVIL!?!?!?

          And just in case it isn’t clear, that video is FICTION!! The people in it are only PRETENDING to fight. Just so we’re clear.