Help be Part of God’s Providence for a Catholic Missionary

Help be Part of God’s Providence for a Catholic Missionary November 5, 2015

The irrepressible Tricia Bolle, who does mission work in Asia with an amazing charism of faith, writes:

Happy Feast of St. Martin de Porres! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been in contact right now. I’m actually back up in the Pacific Northwest, this time in Portland, to share about my ministry with a few churches and young adult groups, including a talk at Holy Rosary Church (Dominican, of course!) tomorrow night on mission and evangelization.

At any rate, the reason for my message is that I have a rather desperate prayer request. My housing situation (the only place I felt I could call “home” when I’m not serving out on mission), has become increasingly untenable over the last couple years. In the last few days, it’s really been reaching a breaking point, such that there is an urgent need for me to find a new place to live in the Stanford University area. Can you please pray that God’s Providence working through a few generous Catholics in the SF Bay Area (ie. Stanford area / Silicon Valley) will offer their gifts to God by providing a new place to call “home” over the next year or more as their way of supporting the Church’s Mission in the world?

Me and that crazy charism of faith is telling me that somewhere, whether through your incredible network reaching out to the people of God or some random person I meet up in Portland in the next day or run into at the grocery store over the weekend, has been chosen by the Spirit to assist me in my hour of need. So I am just now trying to do my part to get the word out so that I can finally find an independent housing situation that will finally return to me a welcome place I can call “home” and enable me to find the rest I need in between mission trips to Asia. (Once we get that part square away, we can start working to get me off welfare… but that’s another chapter in this missionary adventure the Lord has led me on.)

Thanks so much for all your continued enthusiastic support and prayers for me and this ministry.

Take care and God bless,

P.S. I know I’ve shared a few stories of my mission with you in the past, but now I’ve actually inspired another. Fr. Isaiah Mary Molano, OP has written a short story inspired by many of the stories I’ve told him about the blessings and struggles of my life as a Catholic lay missionary in Asia. I think you will find it good reading (1st of 3 parts).

Tricia Bolle
St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society

Father, hear our prayer for your provision for your daughter, servant, and apostle through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, St Paul, and St. Francis Xavier, pray for her!

If any of youse guys out there know of something that might serve her needs, contact her through the link. She’d love to hear from you!

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